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Tired of the Nonsense: Bad Parenting

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Oh my how I dislike foolishness.  Do you too?  When I see nonsense, I have to immediately (shake my head or #smh), either way I really try to avoid contact with nonsense people.  It is sometimes really not their fault but that trait is very deadly around me.  I guess you can say my definition of (nonsense) co-side with, ignorance, stupidity, laziness, unwillingness, and straight up rude.  The list can go on and on, but the sub-topic I would like to touch on today is the nonsense of parents and how they interact with their kids.

I mean parents I put on the planet to raise their child, help guide them and lead them in the right path, but if the parent has no sense or not in touch with what the child actually wants, then they are hurting all chances of the child being on a good path.  When I say parent, it doesn’t have to be your direct blood line, but also a good older friend, mentor, teacher, grandparent, aunt/uncle or so on. But the main thing that hurts me is the way of parents exist and stay the same way and not try to be better examples for their children by showing that what they say makes senses.  Not because of logic, but reality wise.  They say go to school to learn, but they not teaching at school, so why the heck are we going there?  They want us to better yourself and learn to be on our own, but yet chance you all over the place with rules or bust in your room door with all kinds of nonsense (boredom to be right), but I just like Will Smith songs goes, “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand”.

Here goes the core, and ending, I dislike the nonsense that parents don’t prepare their kids better for the world, and tell them guidelines to follow in which they don’t follow.  It makes no sense.  I have a theory and a logic and actually working on a solution in the form of a non-profit, is for parents to better prepare their child for the true reality of the world from young, and allow the child to learn and make their steps in the world on their own.  If the parent is uneducated or lack the resources, they should make that a priority in their life to change that to better assist their child along the way.  Better yet if not, seek worthy and quality organization and specialized school with actually results and stats they achieves this task such as the one I am bound to create to give back to my community and people wanting people overall.

Things I Believe Parent should teach kids or at least start by 13 years old:

How you open and maintain a bank account.

How to be an pro-active person in societies and in the career aspiration.

How to write a check or money order.

How to stay way from DEBT.

What are STD and STI are and how they are possibly contracted.

How to open their minds to the world.

How to network with others and build a long-lasting relationship with friends and colleagues.

*I have so much more, to say, but my non-profit organization shall be developed and publicize one day on these issues.

Oh yea, I didn’t forget teenage and early parenting…Kids needs to stop having kids because to surely affects the both down the line if both are not well-educated and in tune with the role of society and living in reality.

What did you think of my notions?  True, real, or whatever?  Let me know in a the comments…

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PS: Parents, Adults, please step your game up for the children and the next generation, please.


My friend Kareem, has to be like the coolest dude

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I love my friends, and making new friends in another cool aspect to me.  What can I say about my friend Kareem?  Hmmm, he is cool, he is down to earth, he always laughs, he has a quite humorous and blunt way to tell a story, and oh yea he is mad cool.  Ever since I met Kareem at a place of go to workout (don’t worry its a secret spot) and starting up a conversation with him, (because he was new to the spot and reserved) he has come to be one of the most amazing new friends I have had in a long time.  I don’t know what it was that made us cool, but it just worked out.  I think I was first interested in being friends via he was a math tutor and very nice at Calculus and I so terrible at it (received a D it, got my credit though), and I figured maybe he could help me out one day to understand the madness of it all.

Kareem over the say 3 years I have known him is just a good friend.  I wish I had more friends like Kareem.  It’s just how the way we interact and make fun of things and still hone in on our responsibilities in life and not take things to serious is a refreshing thing.  He just likes to help and fun to be around.  Just like the other day he had got a gym membership to work out and met up with me at the gym, and you lift some weights, hit some cardio, and I was thinking like damn, I want to go to Target and buy this lamp, (me being cheap like usual not wanting to pay $59.99 plus a $18.00 shipping, when it is like that far from me) Kareem was like, yo homie, we out, end of story.  I know that don’t sound like a great explanation, I tend to mention too many details and write a million words.  Either way he is mad cool, and just a real true friend, even more like another brother to me, and I appreciate that.

I can’t wait to battle him this year again on the basketball court.  This would make the 3 year of us having our one on one basketball battle, I always wins most of them, but the way he wins his makes mine don’t even count.   His win equals like 4 of mines, ummm maybe I am being too modest :).  Either way, if you ever meet my homie Kareem, he is just a cool dude.

Oh yea did I mention, he wants to be a civil engineer, so if you have any tips for him, let me know so he can be better advised on his field as he goes to college within the field.  Anyone with a hook up or intern position available?

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