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I don’t want to be her first, heartbreak

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Lately with the essence of romance in the air, or whenever it decides to come around, I always thought back to my earlier childhood days and philosophy of not wanting to break a girl’s heart.  Heartbreak is a terrible experience especially your first.  Some people may be prepared if counseled by someone who have been through or going through it, but for all others, we unknowingly race full speed ahead into the destruction of our hearts.  I use to say to my friends when dating, if a girl never been in love before, or been broken down within a relationship, I couldn’t date her because I didn’t want to be her first.  Relationships don’t always work out, just as how marriages don’t always work out whether it’s within a month or even 10 or more years down the line, you just never know sometimes what the heart wants.  The heart is such a tricky little machine and holds so much power to our well-being.  So imagine just something called LOVE, can affect our lives forever or changing our way of thinking, and make us do crazy things we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing such as: not eating, not sleeping, crying day and night, walking with a frown everywhere, getting fat, being restless, becoming stalkers, causing other mischiefs, and so much more because of a heartbreak.  Luckily for me I had the will power to overcome my heart breaks and maintain a balance stance with myself, but not everyone is that lucky.

If you are going through a heartbreak, well here are some remedies if applied well, and some goodies of song titles to check out, most notably checking yourself into the HEARTBREAK HOTEL, or some Toni Braxton Unbreak My Heart, or onto listening to some 808’s and Heartbreak via the talented Kanye West.

A few remedies:

1. Keep yourself busy, stay away from crying by placing yourself in places where you can’t cry.  But do try to cry it out your system before keeping too busy, because it might sneak up on you.

2. Share your feelings, confide in a trusted friend and share your views.  Get out a good rant and vent is always a good thing to a new begin and accepting what have happened.

3. Take good care of yourself, don’t abandon yourself, most people place themselves in a dump after a breakup, but avoid that and seek help you to recover and be healthy.  Do things you enjoy and love, and treat yourself well.

If you are not going through a heartbreak, then I bet you can think back on the craziness that you had went through and be happy you are over and above it.  Remember, don’t hold onto pain, just release and let go and be happy.

I guess we must go through it one day in our lives, just as failure, we must overcome and prevail, but I just don’t want to be a girl’s first heartbreak, it would break my heart to hurt her.  I just want to love, and love plentiful.

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Now That’s Just Sexy 7 – Sexy Hot Pink Lingerie, Valentines Day Special

Take a look at what’s sexy in this picture.

Now Thats Just Sexy - Sexy Hot Lingerie - Valentines Day
Now Thats Just Sexy - Sexy Hot Lingerie - Valentines Day

Did you find it sexy?

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my comment: This is such an awesome photo. I love this entire photo composition, from the pink lingerie, the pink bag, the pink painting, and flowers.  She is so beautiful and so sexy.  I love how the hair is, tone and body direction.  Probably my most favorite Now That’s Just Sexy series photo.

The sexiness things to have in a photo would be things such as lingerie, leg warmers, leggings, bras, panties, lipstick, and seductive eyes and lashes.

Now That’s Just Sexy: Series
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*Now That’s Just Sexy is a series filled with a collection of images that are sexy, classy, and seductive, that were snatched from my tours and sight seeing around the internet.  I DO NOT OWN or CLAIM OWNERSHIP of any of these images, I am simply just sharing with the world.  I hope you enjoy.

This series is brought to you by Raw Multimedia and Photography.

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There is going to be Hugging, Kissing, and Love Making going down on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day♥♥♥
Image by mysza831 via Flickr

Valentine’s Day is the day people will showcase their love to each and if content to themselves, there is no shame in that.  But there is going to be a lot of hugging, kissing, and love-making going down on Valentine’s Day.  Though a created day, cupid is going be on duty shooting people with those love arrows, and his crazy ex-cousin is going to be breaking hearts and making people cry and heart-broken on such a day that should be all about goodness and love.

Who are you plan you be, The Lover or The Heart Breaker?

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