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If she smiles…you might have a chance

Everyone smiles in the same language. ~Author ...
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If you smile at her and she smiles at you, you just might have chance. A woman can be won over with just a smile. A smile really can make a difference in your chance to win over a girl. Not like men, who may just smile back at a girl for simple fact we are men, a woman smiles back at a man for specific reasons. If you happen to receive the right smile, then you are all set. So men just say hi with a smile and you might have a chance to take her out, talk to her in a decent conversation that she is actually interested in what you have to say, or at least likes you a good amount. So look out from that smile, you should know the smile when you see it. Good luck.

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Mastering The Short Form

Kanye West performing in December 2008
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I want to master the short form of creative writing and performing. I guess it’s the internet way of things, we like our dosage of entertaining quick, fast, and fun. Though some works does lose its core meaning and long-lasting impression, but that’s exactly what I am trying to achieve in my works. I want to be precise, direct, fun, and long lasting, having my audience wanting to come back for more while remembering those quality posts or performances in mind. Then again isn’t that what everyone wants?

I spend a lot of my time researching and broadening my insights and ideas with multiple resources to always keep my audience locked in. But first I must find out what it is about me that people enjoy and work and perfecting that as well as still growing to be more diverse to attract a larger audience. Is it my writing style, my writing voice, or maybe my creative nature that the people love? Or could it be my mind state, calm demeanor, down to earth perspectives, or well-rounded fine tuning work flow, that makes people want to tune in?

When writing long form, I tend to over think things, add to many related content or info and actually kills my objective of entertaining and easy to digest content. I do plan on doing long form down the line, but I feel quite comfortable doing things in short form. I guess I fit right in, because I am hip to time of the internet and just how I dish my posts and performances out quick and sweet, I like to get my posts from other places the same way.

Do you prefer long or short form of writing or performances?

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Foolish Friday #6 – 10 Things A Guy Should Never Say To His Guy Friends via (YouTube) [VIDEO]

Welcome to another episode of Foolish Friday, where I bring you the funny, the laughter, the ROFL, the LOL, the LMAO and much more, (if I possibly could) at least you will leave with a SMILE, and an “oh” that was kind of funny…

Without further a do, here is Foolish Friday #6…Its funny when you find out what guys might say to another guy

(If you missed last weeks Foolish Friday…here is goes –> [THAT AIN’T COOL #5 ( David Spates & Destorm )]

10 Things A Guy Should Never Say To His Guy Friends

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