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I am definitely a creative writer, and a honest one too

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On another platform I am aiming to be a creative live entertainer when it comes to music, poetry and performances, but right here, and ever since I was 9, I was a creative writer. At first I never liked english and its rules that applied to how things are to be composed when writing. Informal, formal, business, and many more things I was learning at ages 6-9 in Jamaica, but I wanted an avenue to be creative and get out of this box of rules and limits. I couldn’t do that in math, but as time passed I found myself wanting to say things without words, of what I was seeing, learning and how I took it in. So out of no where I started jotting down things as humor, but then it grew into poetry.

I started to also develop scenarios, story lines, and plots and couldn’t stop it. I wanted to write about things no one was writing about and deliver it in such a unique way that when experience it would be a breath of fresh air for others. I have always been a big movie buff, so I am always watching and learning new point of views, dialogue and how more and it just got so crazy that I felt I had to start acting them out. I was still shy at the time, but then figured why not challenge yourself to write in a visual way they, when people hear certain words, it just make them visually stimulated with just reading plain text.

So ever since age 9, I have been writing and being well-rounded, multi diverse with a tons of interests and cultures, I can write about darn near anything all on call, just as how I wanted to become a creative live entertainer/performer for I have now came out of my shell of shyness and now be my true creative self. This is the natural and real truth and experience I want to share with the world.

What do you believe your talent or calling is? And are you honest with yourself about it enough to pursue it within your life?

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