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Running Through Trenches Hopping Over Benches

Sunset Hopping
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I am such a work horse.  I have created methods to solve the mayhem and madness I go through on a daily basis.  Everyday I feel as if I am going through a battlefield or war path with my responsibilities and creativity.  Both takes tremendous work and precise execution.  So I guess you can say, running through trenches refers to heading into the war zone, and hopping over benches are my methods of creativity and style to avoid conflicts and failures.  I feel this is so cool that I can even use this phrase explain my days to others.

For example, Jim asks me, “How is your day going today?” and I can respond with, “I am running through trenches and hopping over benches”.  Wow I like it, it’s quite clever.  I feel proud of myself today for that.  I should treat myself to a so awesome cup of strawberry cheesecake yogurt, which happens to only have 90 calories, now that’s just awesome right there.

What do you think of my new-found clever phrase and reference? “I am running through trenches and hopping over benches”

Thanks for reading