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To Be Young and In Love

Author: Bagande
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With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, I always reflect on my previous years of how I handle myself in relationship situations and etc.  I wouldn’t say every year but sometimes just to think about the times when I was young and in love.  Quite a few people have never been in love and it always weird for me when someone says so, especially when these people are much older, inching to their mid twenties or even thirties.  When you are young the love you have for someone is so precious and exciting, and it’s like you can’t even control yourself.  The middle school crush into the high school crush, or the college romance, these are all big steps in our lives when someone really cares for you and you can’t help but fall deeply in love.  I remember for me, my biggest romance years were my high school years, they were so unpredictable and exciting.  Just to see my lovely girlfriend each day and going on my so called first date, I was so happy.  I am quite the romantic guy, and creative also, I always try to treat each girl I was talking to so special and make sure she was having the best time in her life.  Gosh, when I young and in love, the things I would do.  When I look back, there is nothing like those good old days, that young love.

Were you ever caught up being young and in love?

PS: Shout out to my first love, high school was amazing being with her.  Hopefully she knows who she is.

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