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No movie going this weekend

A Night at the Movies (film)
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I have decided to not head to the movies this weekend to see any films.  I usually do this when there is no highly profiled movies coming out that weekend.  I already been to the movies every week within january just about to see, The Green Hornet, The DilemmaNo Strings Attached, and The Mechanic, in which I wrote movies reviews and video reviews on my blog via the title “The Raw Verdict“.  So go and check those posts on my blog, or watch them and enjoy the my visual comedic commentary and reviews via my YouTube Channel.  If you enjoy them, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, so it can entertain you with more reviews, and keep on making them better and better.  I won’t completing no watch movies this weekend, I still have my sources as The Red Box and NetFlix to continue watching old & new movies and tv shows I have never seen and give reviews via my blog on their worth and if they are a must see and etc.

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See You At The Movies

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[New] Photo Blog Series: TIM-NY [Coming Soon]

I am starting a new journey within my photography, in which I have much delayed for couple years and never the right time and focus to do, which also adopted many names.  But finally I have found a solid definition of my goal and focus for it.  It shall follow my artistic adventures being Jixi Fox in which the theme is New York and how Jixi Fox lives a My New York City Lifestyle I guess I will dub it a joint venture, but the main photography and copyrighted work shall be done by me (richardo a wilson) and the creative artwork and themes shall be deemed with Jixi Fox.  So I bet you would like to know what TIM-NY stands for right?

A little background info about me is, when I first started out photography I was more of a landscape photographer.  I just love to capture my surrounding and I felt sometimes you just have to be in the right place and time to capture something epic or unnatural that you can’t just capture everyday.  I never fully got showcase my work before, and have learned how to take photos so much better and have better equipment so I rather not show my pass work, or maybe I will surprise the world with a blast from the past photos.  But seeing that I am moving towards more of lifestyle and creative photography within portraits, models, fashion and art, I don’t want to let that side of my works go.

One of my goals is to capture and render my photos also in HDR outputs.  I think this shall be exciting.

Can you guess? 

 I will reveal it’s name is a little while, so stay tuned.

TIM-NY is coming soon

TiM-NY shall be featured via my Flickr / Blogspot / WordPress profiles.


Raw Multimedia & Photography 2011

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I Love Her Sexy Delights – [POEM]

Sexy renee
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As I take you on this sexy flight,
Aiming to soar to new sexy heights,
While I am thinking about her sexy lips,
Many kisses from her I will truly miss,
Especially how she moves those sexy hips,
A walk so crazy model type I can’t resist,
Even by a picture her seductive eyes got me in a trance,
So much pleasure by the glance I could just erupt in my pants,
Tender kisses as we french kissing we love to have fun,
She is so crazy nice with her twisting and tricks with her sexy tongue,
Just thinking of all her sexiness all day and all night,
I must admit just how I love her sexy delights!

I Love Her Sexy Delight
by: Richardo (poet)

Copyrighted 2011