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February is the special month of Love, Sexiness, and Romance

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February is always a special month for me. I think because I am romantic and its the month of Valentine’s Day. Not only because of Valentine’s Day, but other thing such as its the same month of my mother’s birthday, black history month, and even the month people usually get their income tax done in which I looking forward of all of these. Gosh, how I love me some February.

I think make this month awesome, I want to do these things below:

1. Go on an awesome and romantic date with sexy girl.
2. Get my mother something special for her birthday.
3. Write a Love or Valentine’s Day poem, and perform it.
4. Produce a video about Black History Month.

I am going to nickname February the month of Love and Sexiness. Why such a great month such as this got to be shorter than the others? I wonder what gift I shall get for my mom this year if I could? I wonder if I will have a girfriend for Valentine’s Day.¬† Will someone be my Valentine or I can be theirs?

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