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A Secret About Me

Secret Things
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I never tell anyone secrets about me, I mean there are things people think are secrets but to me was just a regular detail to me.  But the secret I wanted to reveal to everyone is this, “I can’t sell a you just one single service or product”.  I know, you are probably saying, ok whatever, but that’s my secret.  I mean I do

some many different things, photography, music videos, graphic design, websites, and much more, but I can’t really sell a client it just by itself in a single medium.  I am more of a package guy.  I do believe in selling a lie to tell my clients or associates they will get the best one product, because I don’t think that exist.  I believe in execution of a series things bring forth better potential.

Because you have an awesome photo don’t make it the best picture ever, because there is always going to be one better.  Or even I always have people say they want the greatest looking website because it means better sells or so on for them, when a website’s goal is to be effective on multiple levels.  So I guess what I am saying is “I don’t do well with single selling” and “I rather not sell a lie, for I am not up for that”.

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