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I am down with O.P.P. in 2011

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With the theme of being myself this year to the maximum, I am really and truly down with O.P.P.  Are you down with O.P.P.?  O.P.P. means to me in 2011, Organization, Preparation and Presentation.  Those are going to be major focus this year.  I am taking it back a little to the days when I use to execute quite a few movements with some crazy techniques and measures that made me very successful to this day.

Do you have methods you use to follow back in the days to lead to success?

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New York Knicks Defeats Miami Heat 93-88 [NBA Results]

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The New York Knicks defeated the Miami Heat [93-88] on January 27, 2011.  The game was played a Madison Square Garden, New York City.  Go New York!!!

My Commentary: Lebron was a beast…#8 on the Knicks were dropping BOMBS of 3 pointers on the Heat….SPLASH!!!

People you could of seen in the stance or was in the arena…Donald Trump, Spike Lee, Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr, Charles Barley, Alicia Keys, and couple others.

Interesting Info:

I usually don’t watch basketball normally, for I am a soccer fan, but if I am not doing anything crazy I will watch because I love a good basketball game.  I use to be a lot in basketball, but that was back in the days, with my favorite players such as Reggie Miller, Micheal Jordan, Steve Kerr, Gary Payton and many others.  Anyways I was on twitter and usually follow US Sports such as (basketball, football and boxing) from my #1 sports reporter JrSportBrief, because I have too many other things to tune into since I am into Movie Reviews and Film-making, and watching staying tuned to (EPL, Sigie A, UEFA, Champions League, FA Cup, ) which is a lot for a Soccer fan…a lot.  Anyways JrSportBrief is a real dude and does an amazing job keeping you informed and entertained with his reporting.  But either way I saw his tweets because I am subscribed to his tweets, and he said the game was on, so I turned on the TV and started and watching and what a very good game I got to tune in to.  Plus the bonus I got to see my 2 of my favorite former basketball players do announcing and commentary which are Reggie Miller (my favorite basketball player of all time) and Steve Kerr (I use to shoot just like him with I was growing up).


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