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‘The Mechanic’ Starring: Jason Statham in Theaters This Friday [Trailer]

Hey Movie Fans,

Are you ready for “The Mechanic” Starring: Jason Statham in the theater this Friday, January 28, 2011?

I am definitely in the movies this weekend to catch this movie.   I am so hyped to see this new movie with Jason Statham, it’s been a while.  I am such a big Jason Statham fan, ever since I saw The Transporter in which is one of my favorite films of all times.

Anyways check out the trailer….

Movie Facts:

Rated: R
Run Time: 92 min
Action | Drama | Thriller

Premise: Follows an elite hit man as he teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.

Director: Simon West
Writers: Richard Wenk (screenplay), Lewis John Carlino (screenplay)
Stars: Jason Statham, Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland

Jason Statham … Arthur Bishop
Ben Foster … Steve McKenna
Tony Goldwyn … Dean
Donald Sutherland … Harry McKenna
Jeff Chase … Burke
Mini Anden … Sarah
James Logan … Jorge Lara
Eddie J. Fernandez … Lara’s Guard (as Eddie Fernandez)


Oh yea I shall be writing a review for this movie…[The Raw Verdict] coming your way soon.

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My Crazy Calisthenics Cardio & Biceps Workout (1/26/11) – [new record]

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Today after a crazy absence from the gym for about a week and a half, I put in the work.  I pushed my body to its limits today and broke my former records of Calisthenics workouts.  I have couple workouts I use to warm up to before hitting the weights and I made a crazy effort to make a huge mark on today.  As I write this and I am super tired and aching from today’s workout, I am super satisfied.  I surely hope to beat today’s new record, by recording it greatness with a blog.  Mark it down in the record books, January 26, 2011 I went in.

Today’s New Workout Performance Record:

(25) Sets handstand into Push Ups, in which I after coming down into a push up from the handstand, I do 3 push ups to follow-up with it.

(21) Sets of Jumps, in which I do a super sprint into a leap using my verticals to go over 19 blocks (which equals about a little over half my height).

*note: These 2 exercises work on you vertical jumps, biceps, shoulders, and works well to build up your stamina.

I usually don’t do my vertical jumps over 19 blocks after a long period of time being missing from the gym, but today I was so hyped and wanted to surpass my comfort zone and push my body pass its limits regardless of the hurt I would get after the workout.  I should add some videos of the workouts I am describing so all can see, so I shall be working on a collective set of workouts I do in the gym.  Today’s workout burns so good, especially a well deserved laugh for the luckily danger fall I had landed safely when I hit the top of the 19th block and almost came crashing down on my face, while the whole Bally Total Fitness gym patrons was watching me from the corner of their eyes.  I put on quite a performance when I am in the gym.  I am ready to hit the gym hard, and lose this weight, tone up all the muscles and body parts I can and be quite fit.

Other workouts I did today:

30 lbs Lifts on Bench (laying down)  (10 reps)

30 lbs Curls (10 reps)

15 lbs Over the Back Biceps Lift (20 reps each arm)


Thanks For Reading
I will see you guys in the gym.

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A Big Win In The Office Today

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I am pulling my hair out over the excitement of the win in the office today.  After weeks and weeks of craziness with my computers and production studio, finally things seems to be going the right way today.  Boy oh boy how I so excited.  Dreamweaver is finally back on my computer and so is my Sony Vegas.  The software cds were catching lots of errors and I had to do a whole lot of rebooting and computer tech tricks to bring my programs to life to work how I wanted them to.  Though there is still major works still left to do, like installing Pro Tools, Microsoft Office, and couple music and video converters, I am also back to my ultimate production station.