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When A Girl Likes A Guy (or likes me)

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When I girl says that she likes me, it sort of scares me / confuses me, for I am curious what is it about me that she likes. I am many things, a little too many things to myself I can admit, so I am not sure what she took fancy too. Is it my smile (rarely smile unless I busting out to laugh at joke I created or hear), or my sense of style (I dress comfort and unique, I dress for occasions that something can pop off at anytime) or it is my maturity (I am quite mature, but I think almost just like others, I just don’t act on the foolishness), but whatever it is I am always quite curious. I wouldn’t want a girl to like me for I am not or she thinks I am based on certain thing I might have done.

It always crazy, because I tend to question the life out of a girl, for I need to get to an answer, for girls don’t tent to give very good descriptive reasons feeling it may turn the guy off. But if the reason isn’t clear, wouldn’t it just be a lie or a false fantasy? I hate to give anyone especially a nice girl the wrong impression. I know other guys do, to leak out what they wanted in the first place, but I care about a persons feelings and like to be up front and straight forward, to avoid any drama or confusion down the line.

When someone likes you how do you react to that?

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Chelsea FC defeats Bolton Wanderers 4-0 [EPL Results]

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Chelsea trys to regain its fans loyality and address their form as of late with a win against Bolton.  Chelsea has been in a ditch as of late and needs to regain its form to compete to be back at its best on top of the league.  With the greatest of Man. Utd being almost 10 points ahead and it being the end of January, its going to be a tough clim for Chelsea.  Being a loyal Chelsea fan myself, I am hoping for the top form for my squad, because over the last 5 or so years, this worse state I have seen my team at.  Chelsea needs to be back on its focus and its leadership and show its can battle fro the top.  With players such as Ramires and Malouda stepping up also with the likes of Drogba and Anelka, Chelsea needs to stop letting goals in and launching the ball in the back of the net.  With this result on Monday January 24, 2011, Chelsea is still in 4th place in the league, behind the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City.  Let’s get back in the game Chelsea.