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Money Monday #4 – Make Your Money Smarter

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Welcome to another edition of #MM #Money Monday your weekly guide to better money management and more.

This week’s tip is about making your money smarter.

When I say make your money smarter, it’s just a tip to say, use your money towards smarter acts, such as classes to educate yourself or teach your self a skill that may result in a boost of income or salary. So if you job insist that if you learn say Microsoft word and excel to make you qualify for a better position and higher pay grade, it would be a reasonable investment to using your money for a smart reason. Now it has to be justified the cost of the training and that you are ready to make it happen. Don’t go using all your money for classes or training and not complete it or be left out there without backup funds in case of an emergency. So think, smart money and use it wisely.

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Remember to always get your money right.