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just one of those slow days, I am not too crazy about

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Today, today, oh today, what are you doing to me?  I mean yes I have over slept, and yes I have missing going to a couple of places I wanted to go, and yes I feel lazy and tired and boring and mostly blah, I need to snap out of it.  I have been waiting for today to do quite a few things, and be perky and entertained, but quite the opposite is happening.  I think what I just wrote kind of flowed or rhyme, let me pause and re-read…..(YUP) It sure did sound like it flowed.  Either way, stop being like this today, we was to be cool and stuff now I have to find the energy to recover and make the best out of what I got left in today.  Today, today, oh today, look what you have done to me…

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PS: Oh yea, this post wasn’t even planned, it was just how I was feeling, word for word while I was writing.  I really loved how it came out, don’t you?