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Foolish Friday #3 – Annoying Guy via (YouTube) [VIDEO]

Welcome to another episode of Foolish Friday, where I bring you the funny, the laughter, the ROFL, the LOL, the LMAO and much more, (if I possibly could) at least you will leave with a SMILE, and an “oh” that was kind of funny…

Without further a do, here is Foolish Friday #3…Laugh, because its so true and so real

(If you missed last weeks Foolish Friday…here is goes –> [FOOLISH FRIDAY #2 – COCK BLOCKIN!]

Annoying Guy

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Black Ops Weekends on the PS3

Call of Duty: Black Ops
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This weekend I shall be gaming online on Black Ops for the PS3.  Ever since I bought the game on its release date I haven’t really gotten a chance to play it as much as I should, seeing that I was playing FIFA 2011, Uncharted 2 and Need Speed Hot Pursuit a lot.  But I have to get a grip of the controller and go in on some Black Ops.  This is my first Call of Duty game, and I am very late in the series, so its going to take a while to get use to it, because I am better at 3rd person shooters, but I need to get my 1st player shooter skills on lock.  I will be having more Black Ops Weekends during 2011, so if you want to play, add me on PSN.

My Ps3 Gamer Tag is: Di-Ox


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Do you find your Facebook Friends cute?


Heck yea I find my Facebook Friends cute.  Not the males of course because I am not looking at them like that, but oh my gosh there are so cutie pie female friends on my friend list, its quite delightful to see their new photos they post online.  I bet I am not the only one who feels this way, I know dudes that are just going crazy at home or on their mobile phones thinking how bad they want their Facebook Friend.  And ladies, you know there is that awesome looking, buff, tall, funny, cool guy on your Facebook Friend list you so want to talk to, but just waiting on the day he hits you up and asks you out.  Yes, the world is Facebook CRAZY. So admit it folks, do you find your Facebook Friends cute, or at least have a crush on some of them and just want to POKE them?

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