I love my peaceful sundays

True Blood Raspberry Mojito
Image by Neil Crosby via Flickr

If there is a day of the week that I love it is Sunday.  The peaceful of that day is so addictive that I crave it over and over again until it comes, then again as soon as it comes it passes just as fast then its back to work.  I usually try to avoid doing anything crazy or work related on Sunday’s, it my day of peace and to turn of the world.  Here are 3 things I make Sundays wonderful.

1. I cook a tasty meal that day, and usually only that day and wash it down with a nice glass of wine to bring peace to my taste buds.
2. I watch my HBO shows on Sundays because the best one’s comes on in the night such as: Entourage, True Blood, Sopranos and etc.
3. Its just a day people usually mind their own business.  So you expect peace and quite, unless you a noisy church goer who gossips about this person and that person.

Anyways those are my some of my lovely things that goes down on my favorite day of the week.

Thanks For Reading

PS: What do you do on your favorite day?