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The 68th Golden Globes was Awesome

Short Film Production II
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I really never get to watch the golden globes each year but this year I caught it.  I found it very important to watch it this year for the last 2 years I have watched about a millions movies and TV shows and I have so much respect for movies.  Soon one day I will direct and produce my first short film and on to a featured film, but either way, I love it.   The Golden Globes 2011 was quite interesting and I feel the winners were worth their awards.  Its been an incredible year for movies in 2010, (well up to August 2010) but from now on I shall watch the awards every year.  I love you MOVIES.


PS: You got to love Ricky Gervais hosting the show (68th Golden Globes)

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Big Love is Back on HBO (final season)

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I am so excited the new season of BIG LOVE is back.  I love this show.  Ever since it came out, I have been a loyal fan.  HBO I don’t know what you have cracking for this season, but I will be staying tuned.  Being that this is the final season of the show, I hope it goes out with a BANG.  I love a show season finale ending totally awesome, something so awesome such as Six Feet Under.  But tonight’s episode was awesome.


Season 5, Episode 1:

I like how they picked up from season 4, I just love it.  Nicki is always seems to surprise me.  Though she be doing the craziest things and I want to slap her for the foolishness every season, she helps bring the spice into the show.  Oh yea, you can’t forget Margie, she is just so unpredictable.   Its looks like a hell of a finale season.


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Jets kicked ass, sorry Patriots [Score 28-21]

The JETS took out the Patriots back from their shutout in 2010 of 45-3.  The JETS busted ass, defense was on point and the offense put in the numbers, what else can I say.  Go New York