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Life can be so lonely

Feel Good Together
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Have ever felt so alone, like you need that lovable connection with someone or something to make your life more meaningful?  Well I think we all go through this at least once in our lives.  I feel this now, because I have accomplished quite a lot of victories and I am seeking more, more out of life and to make things more meaningful.  I guess I need to lay down more goals, more wants and needs, and challenge myself so when I do surpass these goals I will feel that warmth of greatness again.  I have my family and friends by my side, some quite distant at the moment but I guess as long as they are around and know I am also around for them, things shall be fine.  Most people I know falls in the lonely status because they are without a girl or boy friend, or husband or wife and live a depressive life, but I am here to tell you today, if you are feeling that way, rise up out of it and make it who you want to meet and not what they should do for you.  I know we think about satisfying ourselves first, but do that on another level, but work on being that golden coin to someone else’s life and by doing a great thing for someone, that person shall rise and become that great person for you.


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