My February 2011 Cosmopolitan Magazine Just Came In The Mail

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The February 2011 Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine is on Newsstands and in Book Stores now…not only are they there, it’s at my house also, thanks to my subscription.  Go Cosmo!!!.  But for real though, let’s just see what great articles are new themes and topics are in this month’s issue.  I get cool blog titles and topics from reading their magazine and get a good laugh on the craziness that women follow or talk about when it comes to men.

Read up everyone…

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The Green Hornet vs The Dilemma [MOVIE FRIDAY]

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I am not sure which movie to see this weekend. The Green Hornet 3D” with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou and also “The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James comes out tomorrow ( Friday, January 14, 2011).  I really want to see both of them, but which one to see on this Friday.  I am kind of skeptical about promoted 3D movies, but I feel this ‘The Green Hornet” shall really deliver on humor and really ridiculous scenes, but the price cap on 3D movies that extra $4 is where I usually draw the line.  “The Dilemma” on the other hand seems very solid, seeing that Vince Vaughn might be in the zone and follow a similar acting pattern as he did in The Wedding Crashers, but there comes the awkward scenes that usually comes from a movie like this.

I think I might go for “The Green Hornet” first…with 1 hr.  48 min. play time how shall it disappoint.  So Friday morning, I guess I will be in the theater to watch this funny film.  I will probably go and see “The Dilemma” on Sunday morning or afternoon, probably right after the gym, then home to watch some soccer.

AMC all the way…

These two movies shall be my first new movies I see in the theater for 2011…I hope I enjoy.

Are you going to the theater this weekend, and what movie are you planning to see if you go?

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See you are the movies…

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Do Good Things and Good Things Shall Follow

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I was raised on notion, if you do good things, then good things shall follow.  Even up to this day I still apply this notion in everything I do.  Of course the temptation to do some slackness is there and do bad things onto others who may do you bad, but the day you do so is the day you are considered bad even if you only did one thing bad.

I like to keep a clean mind and stay away from doing bad to others.  I believe is “Karma” and “Do Unto Others, As You Would Like Them To Do Unto You” so I try my best to stay in good faith.  I don’t intend on winning any award or praises for this, its just how I choose to live my life.  I mean it may be hard for others, but I find it as an excuse not to try harder and be more disciplined with your actions.   I know the blessings and joy I get from doing positive things I will continue doing so towards, my family, friends, associates and even enemies (I surely hope I have any enemies or anyone that hates me), but at the end of the day I try my best to treat everyone equally.

So try being a better person and friend today and continue on doing so, and I hope you get some wonderful blessings from it.  I know it may be hard, but the good things in life are never easy.

Be Blessed and Stay Lovely