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I Love Kissing

French Kiss
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A kiss can be the greatest thing in the world to recieve, whether its for the first time or to recieve over and over from the one you love.  A kiss I believe could never get old and one of the treasures in life that can stand the test of time.  Do you love kissing also?

Give Someone A Kiss Today,


Procastination Strikes Again

Making a snow angel
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Gosh how I hate that word, that annoying dumb word that symbolize laziness and shouts un-prepared.  Procastination strikes again today for me.  I hate to admit it, but today could of been more productive.  So 1.11.11 the date goes down in the record day as the first procatination day of the new era of my motion and the day snow fell again in new york for its winter season.  1st snow fall was rough and work was called off, then 2nd fell and work continued, and the 3rd is suppose to be as worse as the 1st one which means work is at a stand still most likely again.  Darn you Procastination and Darn you Snow.

Yes, I still made it for my post of the day in a neck of time.  I could of been screwed but I did. 

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