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Money Monday #2: Track Your Spending and Saving

Welcome everyone to another edition of #Money Monday #MM.

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Accounting Notes

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A lot of people tend to spend money whether cash or credit and don’t account for their money correctly.  Also people tend to claim they are saving but don’t see or measure their actual saving habits.  The best way to measure and account for your money is by tracking and recording its movements.  When I say this I don’t mean you have to go a take an accounting class, (via may be kind of boring to you) but just by creating a template or getting on form from searching google to track your spending and savings, you will know more directly and understand how well you manage you money.  It is best you start doing this from early on and even teach your children if you have any or even a friend so they can practice better management skills.

I have learned by myself how to manage and account for my money at a very young age.  I was doing this at the start of age 12.  I just went a grab a blank notebook, and drew lines stating where the money is coming from, the amount of money, the date I go the money, what did do with the money, where did I spend the money or saved the money, who I gave the money, by just using simple addition and subtract signs, and balancing the total account every transaction.

In today’s economy the flow of money and managing it well is a vital skill to progress in your life.  So start today by creating a method to track your spending and your saving.

It’s Money Monday,
Remember to get your money right.


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Doing Yoga Burns Like a Perm

Yoga Class at a Gym
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Today’s yoga workout at Bally Total Fitness was so awesome.  I usually go in the mornings on Mondays.  I love getting it in at the beginning of the week.  I get a good stretch and relaxed feeling starting the week of craziness that I go through.  Either way the instructor is always awesome, she is quite gentle until she tells you in get in some crazy ass pose, that is when the burn begins and then you start to change your mind about her gentleness.  Not to mention the worse part of it all, she wants you to smile too, everyone be looking at her with that “umm are you crazy, this burns, we using massive efforts trying to hold these poses.”  But overall it’s an awesome workout.  Instead of just once or twice a week of yoga I am trying to step it up to say 3 times a weeks and 1-2 days of Pilates also every week.  Maybe I just want the pain, but it’s quite relaxing and comforting.  It’s a release of the mind and body.

If you have never tried yoga, you should go out and give it a try.  It’s a wonderful thing to do from early all the way into your old age, and always satisfying.


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