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I am going to keep this short and simple. Its always an issue with others thinking me and them do the same things not knowing what my days consist of. I am really devoted to media and my craving for new information and finding creative things in the world to enjoy and develop my understanding of things. I actually have hundred of emails and rss feeds streaming through my phone and inbox everyday of the week. I live a simple lifestyle of being calm and collected but the avenues of my work and career aspiration is on an omega level its hard to break it down to simplicity. Well I could because I understand the world and how to use it, but you won’t if can’t grasp a diverse amount of resources, technology and philosophy in which I will explain in another post.

Side note: (my day today 1/7/11): Oh yea, today’s gym workout was very well even though I didn’t burst a sweat, but my weight is declining and body is making its gains in definition back again. I am so excited, then again tired. Its day 7 of 30 days in the gym none stop.

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Foolish Friday #1 – TSA Harassment via (YouTube) [VIDEO]

Welcome to the premiere of Foolish Friday, where I bring you the funny, the laughter, the ROFL, the LOL, the LMAO and much more, (if I possibly could) at least you will leave with a SMILE, and an “oh” that was kind of funny…

Without further a do, here is Foolish Friday #1…Yeaaaa (and the crowd goes wild)

TSA Harassment!!!


Ricky Shucks

The Tazed Girl-

Directed by Layne Pavoggi

Produced by:
Mickey Meyer

Director of Photography: Jon Na (man/myth/legend)

Production Coordinator Aaron Zaragoza

Sound by: Eric Thompson

LovePeaceSkeetCheese Burger shirt!


I hope you enjoyed.  Please leave a comment if you liked it, also please share it with your friends (it only takes about 2-5 seconds) via Twitter or Facebook or any other.  Thanks a lot, until next week, with FOOLISH FRIDAY.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make FOOLISH FRIDAY a wonderful experience each and every week, don’t be shy and let me know.  It’s your feedback that will help fuel the series to be something to enjoy.


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