I just want the world to smile

Faya, Ginny, and Ginny's new boots.
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There is so much craziness going on in the world right now.  People doing dumb stuff as usually, celebrities going crazy and real people going through struggles in their lives.  I know the world is a tough place to live in and people just want so joy in their lives.  Some want a better job, some wants a loving girlfriend or boyfriend, and some wants just be alive to see another day with their love ones.  No matter whatever troubles you are going through, I just want to see you smiling and taking it easy.  It’s so easy to do the bad things and so hard to stick to the good things in life.  With that said I just want to help you along and make you smile and show you that even though the world is messed up, there is someone who cares and wants to see you doing better.  That definitely comes from the heart.  Whenever I am going through an issue I seek the guidance of GOD and some good ol humor to bring me on through.

Keep on smiling world,
One check at a time…


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Are You Ready To Laugh? Foolish Friday is soon here.

Behind the Laughter
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I know everyone has to love a good laugh, I don’t care if you are an uptight person and always serious, trust me I know when no one is looking, you are in some corner laughing your butt off.  Come on don’t front laughter is a great thing.  I also believe it’s also an effective tools to burn so calories (don’t quote me on that one) I believe I came across some article or fitness video in which they said it helped a bit.  Anyways I designed this series to help people BUST OUT laughing or even just a little ha ha that was funny is good enough for me.  But I will be finding and bringing the funny EVERY FRIDAY right here on my blog [Raw Multimedia] and I hope it is too your liking.

January 7, 2011 is the first post of the series FOOLISH FRIDAY so stay tuned with Raw Multimedia, (oh yea make sure you are ready to LAUGH)