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Chasing Ms. Fat Booty

fat booty female model
fat booty female model


Have you ever seen an (excuse me) fat booty in front of you and decide to walk faster to check it out in a closer range? Well if you are man, I guess the answer would be yes, because it’s quite an attraction for you. Not saying a woman‘s booty is to be thought of like a piece of meat but men are natural predators, and female are our prey figuratively speaking. But hey, I can’t lie, I do the same thing too, (I jumped in the boat) I don’t want my audience to feel like they are alone on this topic.

I know some women are not blessed with a fat booty, in which some may find it disgusting knowing that men are quite attracted to it and they want to be known for their greater qualities such as their thoughts, and more, but ladies you got to remember men are not mind readers and psychics. The first thing we see or at least catch of glimpse of that fat booty until we catch up to you (hopefully approach you in a decent manner) and start to get to know your better qualities. So in order to find out more about you, we kind of have to chance you and it happens to be that booty that draws us in.

On a side note: Even the talented “Mos Def” has a song called “Ms. Fat Booty” or we can go with the whiter version with the theme being a woman get that brand new booty with the song “Ms. New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx.

Either way, I just wanted to let the ladies in on why men chance the fat booty, and also hear from the men if they ever catch themselves chasing that fat booty, whether in the streets, the club, or even that cozy bookstore you happen to find yourself in by mistake (or on purpose for my intelligent men out there).

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