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teach me how to dance

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After just watching Step 3D on dvd, I am so excited in my continued efforts to learn how to dance.  I mean it’s not just that movie, but I have always wanted to dance ever since I was young, but I was shy and I didn’t like to be the center of attention.  But since I am over that, can you teach me how to dance, so I can bust a move?  If no one is there to help me, I will teach my self and create my own form, I think.


I love tuesdays

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I love Tuesdays.  Apart from Sunday being my favorite day of the week, Tuesday is my second refresher from a hard days work of Monday.  Its like the days of the week are designed for different emotions or traits for me.  Monday morning and night I usually put in the most work of all days of the week.  When Tuesday rolls in I have to rest and relax.  It feels so good then write into Wednesday in which I go right back into working super hard and actually start working on photo shoots or productions for music videos and skits to go on YouTube and other online video hosting.  Tuesday is my golden day, so nothing but magic goes down on Tuesday.

What day/days out of the week do you love?
What makes it special?