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Chelsea FC needs new focus and strength in the EPL

Chelsea F.C. Reserves and Youth Team
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If you don’t know, Chelsea FC is my favorite soccer club team in the world, but they have been quite disappointing with there results as of late.  Drawing with Aston Villa [score 3-3] on Sunday (January 2, 2011) was a very terrible thing to see.  I don’t really care about the fact that managed to leave the game with 1 point, but they could have easily left with no points based on their performance.  But when that game got to 3-2 with Chelsea up, how the let Aston Villa gain back a goal within a mere 2 minutes to draw the game.  I know they realize that their powers are going down having started of the 2010-2011 season blazing with goals after goal, but didn’t plan well as their main players might be subjected to injury or illness.  With that said the balance of the team fell off drastically.  Chelsea so far, we are in 5th place, how can you let this happen? I can’t hate on the performance of the other top clubs such as (Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham HotSpur) , because clearly they doing they must and getting results.  Chelsea come on and work on getting refocused and solve your performance issues and regain glory on top of the table.

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Money Monday #1: Early Bird Gets The Worm

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Welcome everyone to a new year and a new edition of #Money Monday #MM.

My Money Monday Tweet:  #mm #moneymonday Show up for your money, remember the early bird gets the worm, or in this case the money.  Be on time & make that #money. @rawmultimedia!/rawmultimedia/status/21969651479093248

As we all know or should know the old saying “The Early Bird Gets The Worm” we must all aim to get to where ever you got to get to that is important early.  Being on point shows that you take things serious and your job / money is just that.  I don’t care if you work at burger king, your performance is a reflection of you.  So the more prompt you show up to your money, the more you money will be there when you need it.

It’s Money Monday,
Remember to get your money right.


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