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Now Clocking In A Little Over 200

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I am clocking in at speeds exceeding 200 lbs that is. How did I get this fast in weight? A guy like me doesn’t need to be this fast. I was once this fast and had to cut my speed down for its not that type of race I wanted to be winning. I went to the gym today and found out I am over my weight. I have been gaining quite a bit of weight. I do not want to seeing numbers such as what I was seeing. I swore I was going down then a blinked for a second, just a tiny second, even a micro second and there it is weight.

I can’t be totally mad at myself for there have been quite a number of factors that played a part in this horrible event. The only issue I can say is that I know better than this. Here are the factors that hurt caused this madness:

1. I was injured leg, shoulder and neck from the end of september to end of november of 2010. So I didn’t get to go to the gym, and lost my routine.

2. I failed to even attempt minor effective workouts, to at least keep me at a certain pace.

3. I had no soccer ball to train with, in which use for my intense cardio workout.

4. Too much home cooking and holiday food. (Greedy me)

5. I wasn’t keeping a good diet.

6. A bit too much wine or alcohol on days I am to workout and make gains.

7. Too much juice instead of water, which increased at lot on my over all calorie count.

8. No solid routine at the gym, for the gym I go to scraped the equipment that actually works good for me.

I feel the list can go a bit longer, but gosh, the facts of this post is crazy to me. But I am not phased by these results, it’s quite an eye opener though. I am just going to have to kick everything into hyper mode as before. I had this same issue once before and dropped 25 lbs in a month. I have quite a routine to build back into and also initiate my strict guidelines of exercise and health. I can see really see why I have been sleeping at a lot lately. I am out of shape. I need help. (Sad face)

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