#ItsGoingDown #NiceNight Tonight #TuneIn2TheGame with Jixi and Jag in NYC

Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New Jersey
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Hey Folks, (its going down, #nice)

Its Going Down Tonight…it’s Jixi and Jag’s #NiceNight in #NYC#TuneIn2TheGame.

I wish you a excellent 2011, but before so, let’s give a toast to 2010, and have a NICE NIGHT, for There is No Competition 2.  So do as Kanye West says and give a toast to a-holes, scumbags, j-offs, and RUNAWAY with Jixi and Jag in NYC to have drinks and celebrate 2010.

#NiceNight 2010

No matter where you maybe in the city, the world, or the universe, go out and enjoy this day and give a toast to yourself for your accomplishments to the best of 2010.  Remember #teamjixi and #teamjag has given you a theme to live by in 2010 and end the year off with and continue from now on.

“Live Life and Be Nice”