Countdown to #NiceNight with Jixi and Jag in NYC: In 2 Days

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Hey Folks, (2 days left)

This is just a countdown for a event in NYC in which me and my friends are putting together to celebrate the best moments of 2010.  The theme is called “#NiceNight” and it came to us with the tremedous success of one of our favorite new york rapper, Fabolous and his highly anticipated and well delivered mixtape: “There is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service“.  Fabolous recurring theme and terms for the album were ( #Nice, #TiNc2, #TuneIn2TheGame, #FuneralService).  We felt, well mostly I (richardo/jixi) and (jag) that this year was amazing year of development in which we adopted so many new skills, time management, business techniques and listened to great music that we were very much drawn to the message of the mixtape turned EP album in August 2010, that we believed and still do that there is NO COMPETITION to our efforts.  Either way, with a highly successful year (2010) whether large or small despite any struggles we might have had, we are getting together to celebrate

#NiceNight 2010

December 30, 2010


No matter where you maybe in the city, the world, or the universe, go out and enjoy this day and give a toast to yourself for your accomplishments to the best of 2010.  Remember #teamjixi and #teamjag has given you a theme to live by in 2010 and end the year off with and continue from now on.

“Live Life and Be Nice”

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Catch me if you can [photo]

Some days I wonder if I was falling would someone catch me?  I really don’t have an answer for that, I feel I have done so much good in the world, of course someone would want to catch me, but then again even though I have done so much good in the world that doesn’t say someone would actually do that for me. Hmmm makes me think if I should call up couple friends and ask them if they would catch me if I was falling.


To be truly excited

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There is a slight stigma about me people don’t like.  They believe I don’t pay attention.  I pay attention quite well, but what am I to pay attention to?  Friends often believe its either my way or the highway, but in actuality that’s actually their mind state.  I really never get options of choice  on how to do something or go about hanging out, but when it comes to me I give everyone options to choose from.  We have quite a difference in goals and how we choose to spend our time for fun.  I feel I have left certain pass time activities in the past and started developing towards a bright and exciting future doing things such as what I am doing now, blogging.  It is truly a sacrifice to blog or not to blog, and I have choose to blog because it is my creative space within my life.  Some try to satisfy others by conforming to simply pressures and doing things because of love or just see to the other person happy in only the way they want you to act.  The reason I know this is because I use to do the same thing.  I use to act and react in a certain manner to satisfy friends, colleagues and more, but in the end it didn’t do any positive for me.  I would have to say I almost  lost my self and the purpose of my lifestyle and goals in life following others.

If someone was to ask me today, or even all the way back to even age 14 what I wanted to do in my life up to say the age 60, I actually had a quite layered plan and answer for them.  I have discovered my potentials and have been working on that day in and day out ever since I was 11.  So to be truly excited in what I do for me I must keep doing the fun and simple things I do and to not leave my friends and family out who don’t fully understand my dreams, I will have to find a more creative and efficient way to express my goals in life them, thats if they mind caring.

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