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Something cool to view…can you see it? [poetry]

can you see it? - raw multimedia
can you see it? - raw multimedia

Do you see it?
That lovely image
The one that caught the eye
The image of lust
The image of love
The image of satisfaction
The image of  want
I know you can see it
If not, keep on looking

By: Richardo

Raw Multimedia & Photography 2010


Say It Isn’t So…Did I blog today?

Members of the sketch comedy group Olde English
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Its is 11:39pm on a saturday night (12/18/10) and I have not blogged today…say it isn’t so.  Well I have caught myself and said I am going to post something before the clock strikes 12am.  Do you feel that way some days?  You set out on a goal to blog everyday or for a set amount of days and as you watch the time whines down you get caught up doing something else and almost missed your goal.  Well today was that day, and I might end up having more days like this.  Even though the technology of a blog website such as (wordpress) you can write or post in advance or precious days based on how far back, but then again the indexing is actually in real time so win and you lose. But either way I just wanted to share my almost fail and see if you the audience have had the same experience.

Thanks For Reading

Raw Multimedia & Photography 2010