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What should I get myself for christmas?

After working very hard all year log without any breaks, ummm unless I count the vacation I just came back from in Jamaica in which I spent time with my mom, I really haven’t treated myself as well as I would think.  I really want to give myself a gift to say, you did a good job this year.  I am not really looking for anything expensive or crazy, something nice and sweegt that would put a joy on my face.  Everytime I think about a gift my mind goes blank like, dang Richardo you kind of have most of all the things you would like already, new blackberry, xbox 360 slim, ipod touch, new pro tool kit (well that is to assist in recording and producing my debut hip hop album in 2011), even a hot game such as Uncharted 2 for your PS3 in which brought you so much joy.  But c’mon there got to be something out there that you really would like and would symbolize the enormous efforts you produced this year hmmm.

here is your present...

Well here is what I came up with off the top of the head.

  1. Marc Ecko Cut and Sew Boots, they run about $80 and up, and would be a very good addition for the cold weather in new york.
  2. A nice pea coat, which runs almost the same price range, and does the same exact effect to keep me warm in the up coming winter season.
  3. Ummm maybe some peace and quiet and good sleep after probably having fun spending time with close friends. I really am not sure.

No matter what I come up with, I am sure it would make me feel good inside on christmas day.  Knowing me, I probably will go for all 3 ideas, lol I guess I am kind of greed like that.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.

What would you get yourself if you were me or What do you plan on gettig yourself  for christmas?

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New York I see flurries

Hello New York,

While walking to do a late night assignment, aka working I see flurries of flakes as they invade my blackberry screen. I have to constantly wipe off my screen, via quite a good among is being blown on it. Either way the night is december 13th 2010, about 9:30pm. The real question to be asked for tonite is New York, Are we ready for snow?

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