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this is such a awesome tiny feature, I am surely going to test this out ASAP

Have you ever wanted to quote or share a tweet but had to painstakingly take screenshots of said tweet, upload them, and then embed the images in your post? Today we are launching a new feature dubbed Twitter Blackbird Pie. The new feature makes displaying tweets in all their glory as simple as pasting a link in your post as shown below. What is Blackbird Pie? Twitter Blackbird Pie is a me … Read More

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My 2008 Retirement Soccer Shoes: Tye Dye

These are my Tye Dyed (rainbow-colored) soccer shoes I retired in 2008.  The bottom of the shoes was getting worn out and too smooth to grip the floor as they were street soccer shoes.  I also use to play in the winter with these shoes, so if ice was on the floor, oh boy I was in for a slippery ride.  Its kind of funny because I actually did fall badly one day on the ice and fell with a laugh, that I will NEVER admit it in person that I busted my buttock playing in the winter time on ice.  These are the things I reveal to people on my blog.

worn tye dye soccer shoes - raw photography
worn Tye dye soccer shoes - raw photography

Fun Facts:

I loved these soccer shoes, and actually didn’t ever want to retire them.

I spent 19.99 for them on clearance on around 2002, oh yea, FREE SHIPPING, they were the last pair.

I use to play in any weather with these shoes whether it was rain, hail, snow, or sun; and also any field whether street, grass, or turf.

People thought I was gay, because I had this sneakers back in High School, but I really didn’t care, my shoes was AWESOME.

Street football II
Image by fabbio via Flickr

*Every year I host a retirement party for all my old gadgets, equipments, and items I loved with a passion, whether I give them away for FREE, trash them, donate them, or they have passed on.  I take a picture as a remembrance of the good times and tell a story on what they mean to me.

This was brought to you my Raw Multimedia and Photography 2010