This Weekend is Website Weekend

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Hello Everyone,

I after a long week of work and crazy workouts at the gym, I am ready to keep putting in some more hard work, but it’s mostly targeted to my blog and website.  I am currently working with 2 music artist and will be doing design and website work for them to bring their media and content to the world.  I also have a couple of meetings also with 2 models in which I am trying to recruit for my model management service in 2011.  I hope all goes well and I am able to give them a great site and host couple great meetings.

Having to work on others website, (yes I will be getting paid for this lol) I came to realize my websites have been a little forgotten seeing that I am doing more videos and design work in which I have to direct and produce.  Having finished these productions, I have failed to put them on my website and blog in the effect I wanted to.  Hmmmm, so you know what that means right? C’mon I just told you is WEBSITE WEEKEND, lol…I am going to work on websites all weekend.

Thanks for reading.
It’s always a pleasure to write something worth reading.


*Richardo Wilson is a college graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and Business Management, and he is also a NYC Website Designer, Photographer and Computer Tech.  If you would like to contact Richardo for any services or just some consultation, feel free.

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Now That's Just Sexy · photo

Now That’s Just Sexy 1 – The Library

Take a look at what’s sexy in this picture.

Now Thats Just Sexy 1 - The Library
Now Thats Just Sexy 1 - The Library

Did you find it sexy?

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My Comment:  Romance in the open is super sexy.  The rush the motions, the excitement, heightens the interaction.  In the photo you can barely see the romance going on, but the symbolizing of the adventure and the connection makes this very sexy.

Now That’s Just Sexy: Series
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*Now That’s Just Sexy is a series filled with a collection of images that are sexy, classy, and seductive, that were snatched from my tours and sight seeing around the internet. I DO NOT OWN or CLAIM OWNERSHIP of any of these images, I am simply just sharing with the world. I hope you enjoy.

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