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Album Release for 2011 by Raw Multimedia and Jixi Fox

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Hello Everyone,

I have been planning for my debut album for quite sometime now and never really got to execute it the way I wanted to, based on my involvement in developming my all around skills in other areas of media.  So after years of toying with themes and directions to take my music, I finally came to point of solid thoughts.  I have released my Improv Comedy AlbumThe Adventures of Auto Tune” earlier this year with little to no marketing, but I am happy with its results that I have completed this task.  I have been rushing the process and not dedicating the time to really hand craft my creations, until I came to a level playing field.  In August of this year I decided to fully invest in better equipment and production quality to bring my content to the world.  So prepping for the 2011 season of projects, I have finally sketched out my track listing and albums I will be releasing as of next year (2011).  Here are my predicted schedule releases.

The Adventures of Auto Tune the remix
a blend of comedic situations with singing and rapping

The Burna Effect EP
my debut music album to introduce my type of sound and thoughts.

MaSS EphEct “mixtape
a collaborative blend of music to showcase quality music of different genres and styles.

I am very excited to have settled down on creating these works.  I hope all production and creative artistry makes these projects a complete success.
Thanks for reading.


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