#ItsGoingDown #NiceNight Tonight #TuneIn2TheGame with Jixi and Jag in NYC

Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New Jersey
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Hey Folks, (its going down, #nice)

Its Going Down Tonight…it’s Jixi and Jag’s #NiceNight in #NYC#TuneIn2TheGame.

I wish you a excellent 2011, but before so, let’s give a toast to 2010, and have a NICE NIGHT, for There is No Competition 2.  So do as Kanye West says and give a toast to a-holes, scumbags, j-offs, and RUNAWAY with Jixi and Jag in NYC to have drinks and celebrate 2010.

#NiceNight 2010

No matter where you maybe in the city, the world, or the universe, go out and enjoy this day and give a toast to yourself for your accomplishments to the best of 2010.  Remember #teamjixi and #teamjag has given you a theme to live by in 2010 and end the year off with and continue from now on.

“Live Life and Be Nice”

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Now That’s Just Cool 1: Free Flowing Tree Hair

Take a look at what’s cool in this picture.

Now Thats Just Cool 1: Free Flowing Tree Hair
Now That's Just Cool 1: Free Flowing Tree Hair

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my comment: This is an awesome photo I came upon which displays a tasteful blend of a mysterious poses wrapped in hair of a woman.  As right front and center is her in plain sight you can just look into her eyes, and see the passion and deep delicateness of your sexy, as well as the other versions of herself all around her.

*Now That’s Just Cool is a series filled with a collection of images that are cool, unique, and artistic, that were snatched from my tours and sight-seeing around the internet.  I DO NOT OWN or CLAIM OWNERSHIP of any of these images, I am simply just sharing with the world.  I hope you enjoy.

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