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Have you ever cheated on a test? Qotd 21


Ummm well yes, of course, who hasn’t? It’s survival of the fittest and who so ever that don’t get caught. It’s funny for I am really not much a cheater. While growing up and in school, I have learned not everyone is smart, or can understand certain lessons in class, and they feel embarrassed to admit that, so if I did my test or quiz fast and I am confident in ever failing and someone wanted to take a peek at some of my answers, I use to turn a blind eye to the event. I guess that boosted my status in school a bit, to not getting jumped, picked up or so on, for I was helping the not so smart, but bad guys pass in a cool way, not them going if you don’t let me cheat, i am going to beat you down. But hey, I am a helper and I usually offer a bit of tutoring to those I gave assistance to, so they don’t go away not learning something. But my first lesson to them was usually, this is what not to do when cheating to get caught. Here are just a few simple ones.

1. Do not cheat from a DUMB PERSON
2. Do not copy all of their answers
3. Do not TRUST the Smart Person, if they are caught cheating by letting you cheat, they will rat you out
4. Always have the teacher in your peripheral view
5. Don’t be too obvious, relax, you bout to get some answers
6. Do not WHINE, if you are a whiner, Smart Kids will just tell you the wrong answers…trust me I have did it…lol
7. Do not Bully a smart kid, especially a street smart kid, if you do we will definitely tell you the wrong answers…trust me on this one…I AM THE MASTER

Well there goes my helpful tips to cheating. I must admit I cheated before, but there is no need to after high school, for high school was lame anyways, plus you should be so much smarter afterwards by going to college or at least, visiting Barnes & Noble, The Library, or Borders and picking up a book and read and take notes and implement into your life. Kudos


Have you ever cheated on a test? Qotd 21
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