What puts you to sleep? Qotd 25

Its hard for me to sleep somedays, for I always got something I want to do, but just never got the time to finish. I sometimes wish there is more hours in the day so I can get in a million more thing. Its sad I know but hey, I have many interests and like to see things through until the end.

Anyways, as much as its not to be used as a way to get to sleep but liquor or a couple glass of good wine, gets me in magic mood of relaxation and tired to head for the bed. So since I can’t depend on that on a regular to get to sleep, I Don’t Get Very Much Sleep. I have tried many other methods of natural sleep remedies but only other thing that is a sure shot is a glass of warm or cold milk.


What puts you to sleep? Qotd 25
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Do you curse a lot? Qotd 24


I do not curse or swear really at all. Maybe one or couple slips hear and there listen to these slang rap songs and vulgar music artists, but I love their music, I just don’t curse because it’s not me. That doesn’t I wont substitute in a word that makes no sense to make my speech or rants or outbursts more dramatic and funny, but cursing, I am past that. Another thing, if someone else curses or so, I really don’t mind as long as it ain’t to me or in my house. If it is a situation I can walk away from, I would do just that and let the person drop there vulgar lines and etc. I feel its perfectly fine to express you feeling and etc. but constantly using the same term and so on, just brings down your character in my eyes, not to judge but there is a time and place for everything. I must admit I am no angel for I have let of couple bad words as us Jamaicans like to call it or cussin’, telling people to go sky dive them _____, or suck out them ______, or sky juice them ______, but those were in my earlier years I would say 6 yrs old to 9 yrs old, then it was time for a change. (oh yea replace all the ______ with mother (momma) and that’s how back in the days Jamaicans use to diss someone, maybe we still do, but I am not too sure. Those were the good ol days though. Thanks mom for all the discipline and beatings, ha, but it was all worth it. Now go wash your mouth out with soap, make it clean. đŸ™‚

– raw

Do you curse a lot? Qotd 24
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