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Have you ever been young and dumb? Qotd 16


I don’t think I was really ever young and dumb. I feel I always curious to know questions and real solutions for things than the foolish people use to tell you. The only age I would say I was young and dumb would have to be any age before 10 years old. I did a bit of silly things, cut school, I actually had a reason for that, ummm use my mother hard earned extra lessons money and splurged and bought a whole lot of cool stuff and food. What I have mentioned may be some on the silly dumb stuff I did, it was like once ever thing, except for the cutting of school, the teacher use to have beef with me and since I lived in Jamaica, the teacher had the right to beat that bottom. I was not kool with getting a beating everyday from my teacher who just love reaching for her belt, so I came to school everyday, but cut her class, that’s a good reason right. But the number one thing I was young and dumb about was thinking smoking was kool. I guess because my father did it, forget everyone else, but since he did it and I looked up to him I wanted to do it. Luckily I never crossed that line because I easily learned from watching others the effects of smoking, but I was that close to giving it a shot.

Have you ever been young and dumb?
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