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What do you do for fun on a friday? T.G.I.F. Qotd 15


Well for me, ever since I started working around age 17 about over 7-8 years ago I have always been deemed to work on Fridays. I was always chosen to be the guy to end the week and do all these misc work and keep things rolling right. I guess its because I am dependable and reliable. Anyways I forget what is fun to do on a friday or at least a friday evening because I am always not available. Well I have Friday off this week and couple other Fridays and I want to have fun in the NYC. I deserve it. For working fridays for about 7 months straight I don’t know how to act. Where the FUN at? Where the PARTY at? Ummmm no clubs though, I ain’t fitting to pay $20 to get into a club just to watch girls dance with their friends or be in a club with a crowded meat fest lol.


I do some fun things on fridays, well in the morning to the afternoon with is going to the gym and seeing sexy ladies, feeling good about my workouts, then home shower up and catch a manitnee at the AMC theater afterwards having lunch then go for a couple hours of reading in the book store, BORDERS or BARNES and NOBLE then for a walk and appreciate the day and its surrounding and if lucky go home and play a little videogames.

But I what to have fun or a good time in the evening into the middle of the night…HELP ME, feed me some choices. New York don’t sleep and So do I until I find my fun.

What do you do for fun on a Friday?
Leave a comment and share your views and answers and opinions…


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Inception Movie Review

Raw Multimedia Presents
The Raw Verdict


Great movie
Multi-layered storyline
complex plot
est. 2 hours and 20 mins long
Leonardo DiCaprio did his thing. Not better that Shutter Island though
Worth the money…$6, $8, $10, $12.50

Title: Inception
Release Date: 16 July 2010
Genre: Action
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Christopher Nolan
Studio: Warner Brothers

In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a single idea within one’s mind can be the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset.

GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!