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Do you flex or pose in front of the mirror? Qotd 14


I can’t front, I love look at myself in the mirror. After a great workout or lovely shower I can’t help but wanting to see my body in the mirror. So when I do see myself, it’s like automatic to flex, checking out the abs, the biceps, triceps, give myself couple of winks, and say what’s up sexy handsome guy. lol. Really and truly, I am guilty of this. I know there are females and other males with the same viewpoint or they have to at least use the mirror to beautifies themselves in the morning or so. For me, I work very hard to keep my body looking good and being healthy, it wasn’t always like that but I got to feel good about myself. At the end of the day if you scared of the mirror or you think you are not beautiful, stop that foolish, change your habits, think healthy and appreciate your beauty inside and out.

Do you flex or pose in front of the mirror?
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