Good Evening: Productive Day Win for Me

I am excited to announce my productive day win of June 28, 2010. I cleaned and cleared about a good amount of paper work I haven’t yet got to file, as well received a new rewards card in the mail, and so delighted to have watched a low budget film on dvd called, “The Mystery Team” from Derrick Comedy which a great sketch comedy group. I rented of course from the Redbox the only successful alternate I use to Netflix, oh yea I returned the dvd on time. So excited I am on mobile blogging, yea. Well until next time.



Good Morning to All.

Good Morning Everyone,

Its another day, sunny bright through my window on a very peaceful new york morning. As I awake bright and early to hit the gym as always I felt as if I go there too much. Lol, funny as it may sound I actually do, I hit the gym about 5-6 per week. I am shedding those unneeded lbs. and getting toned and feeling good. Going to the gym relaxes me quite a bit and I feel very loose and clear to think that makes the day runs that much smoother. I decided to go a bit later in the morning today, as I needed to clean up around and set aside my tasks of the day and since the World Cup is on and usually on Espn in the gym, I guess I will be so much more excited to hit the gym. Catch everyone later. How many times a day do you work out and go to the gym?

– raw