Back on My 2007 Monster Beast Insomniac Lifestyle

Oh boy its real crazy because I been really on my 2007 Monster Beast Insomniac Lifestyle again…but there are couple differences though, the major difference is that I am a nice ass Photographer (still need 3 more yrs to be ill) I am OD OD cheap as well (cheap in actions, BANK ACCOUNT being stacked is nice, that’s all mines).  I am producing things that ensure results.  Those are major difference among tiny others, and last and should of been 1st my love for GOD and being humble helped me all. I thank god for his many tiny blessings which were huge in impact.



Are you a bitter person? Qotd 5 – 3.5.10

I am not a bitter person about things that happens to me or whatever.  But I am kind of bitter towards things I have caused against myself which usually involves money.  If I hate anything in the world is losing money, for example if I was to lose or misplace money which was my fault, I am very bitter about that and would put high consequences towards myself for that happening.  I set up many precautions that defend me from many problems and when they fail I am highly upset, that’s just me and then I aim to make it much better of a precaution so it wont happen ever again.

– raw