ABC 7 wants CASH MONEY from CABLEVISION…40 Million!!!!

Abc wants their money….

ABC wants 40 Million from Cablevision o NO MORE “ABC7” yup….so bye bye OPRAH, LOST, OSCAR, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, GREY’s ANATOMY, 20/20, The Bachelor, GENERAL HOSPITAL, DESPERATE HOUSE WIVES, DANCING WITH STARS, UGLY BETTY, SUPER NANNY, THE VIEW, ONE LIFE TO LIVE…….yup. watch out NY NJ and CT…its gonna be gone unless ABC gets their cake, guap, mulla, cheese, cheddar, bread, CEREAL…lol



To what extent do you care what other people think? Qotd 3 – 3.3.10

I don’t trust too many people and their views or how their thought process functions, so its easy for me to not care what they think based on their merits of knowledge.  If care what people think based on how open minded and intelligent they are.  If they can talk about a topic well or creatively or more even communicate it well.  Now its if based on judgment of me, I don’t really too much care via I am being me and the truth me as fact.  So I don’t see myself changing much via I believe I am doing the right thing and my way that can’t be defined by another.