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When My Computer Crashes… Nov. 5, 2009.

Well it has happened again…My computer has crashed. Nice right, NOPE, not a great thing. Especially on the data I have lost. OMG, it’s really gone. Hard drive failure yet again. I think it was overdue. Well I can’t too much be mad because I figured stuff happens, since many factors.


1. I have XP system and my computer is from 2002 (Sony Vaio: Digital Studio) I so love my SONY.
2. I am running on 512 Ram (why, when I am a computer tech, ummmm I am comfortable)
3. I have about 80 to 100 small to big software applications
4. I actually had used 134 GB out of 140 GB my total computer memory
5. I had been hit with the LOW MEMORY windows popup a bit earlier in the day
6. And for the past week or so, I been leaving my computer ON for about 10 hours or so and as I fell asleep
7. I ran a virus scan, with AVG and AVIRA (The Best Antivirus & Internet Security Applications out there) and it says I had no viruses, but some warnings. I am very cautious. But hey…whatever.

I should be more alert even though this came totally randomly, it goes on state of mind that I follow, that I do not 100% rely or depend on technology. I do things manual and digital, so I won’t be caught out there.

Well when these things happen, it’s just ON TO THE NEXT ONE…start from scratch.

Which means,
1. reinstall XP
2. Install about A MILLION drivers, codecs, plugins,
3. Install my 4 printers
4. Install half of my 80 programs back
5. Beginning archiving and starting from scratch. (OH BOY)

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