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When My Computer Crashes… Nov. 5, 2009.

Well it has happened again…My computer has crashed. Nice right, NOPE, not a great thing. Especially on the data I have lost. OMG, it’s really gone. Hard drive failure yet again. I think it was overdue. Well I can’t too much be mad because I figured stuff happens, since many factors.


1. I have XP system and my computer is from 2002 (Sony Vaio: Digital Studio) I so love my SONY.
2. I am running on 512 Ram (why, when I am a computer tech, ummmm I am comfortable)
3. I have about 80 to 100 small to big software applications
4. I actually had used 134 GB out of 140 GB my total computer memory
5. I had been hit with the LOW MEMORY windows popup a bit earlier in the day
6. And for the past week or so, I been leaving my computer ON for about 10 hours or so and as I fell asleep
7. I ran a virus scan, with AVG and AVIRA (The Best Antivirus & Internet Security Applications out there) and it says I had no viruses, but some warnings. I am very cautious. But hey…whatever.

I should be more alert even though this came totally randomly, it goes on state of mind that I follow, that I do not 100% rely or depend on technology. I do things manual and digital, so I won’t be caught out there.

Well when these things happen, it’s just ON TO THE NEXT ONE…start from scratch.

Which means,
1. reinstall XP
2. Install about A MILLION drivers, codecs, plugins,
3. Install my 4 printers
4. Install half of my 80 programs back
5. Beginning archiving and starting from scratch. (OH BOY)


Yankees is Feeling the LoVe

So its 27 world series for the yankess, congrats. I guess after they celebrate in the up coming days and lots of drinking and love making, it will be on to the next one huh. Well ever since the terror attack the yankees haven’t won, but since its a new president and because NYC goes hard, 2009 nine years later, NY is a blimp back on the map. Shout out to all my yankee fans. Baseball is new york passtime sport to watch next to football, shouts to the giants, what up knicks, what’s really good you missing in action.