THE QUESTION IS: Do you the people know who this government is? [Government Shutdown]

Government Shutdown 1

So in the United States, the government apparent has shut down or is shutting down.  I am not sure the details, and what divisions and etc. for it was almost like a general statement, but I wanted to ask you the people what your thoughts are on it.  It doesn’t matter in what country you are in, do you know who the government is and all the significant branches?  Mainly do you know which ones mostly affect your lives as people and to function?

Government Shutdown 1

Government Shutdown 1


I took a government class in high school and read a few books on the government, but I am not well versed to really point out who the government is.  That actually bothers me a bit.  I am person that loves to know things and be knowledgable on a multitude of topics that may affect my life.  The government has so many branches big and small, in which affect a lot of our lives.  So what do we do if a chaotic event present or future, happens based on this so-called shutdown.

I don’t really have a strong point of view on the situation and topic as of yet, so I am asking you the people.


Be kind and share, and remember to smile.

*THE QUESTION IS: is a series about asking a question, interacting and sharing answers, and starting a conversation.  Join in every Tuesday.

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Richardo Wilson



Working Under The Hood of My Blog

Hurricane Irene

Image by Fragile Oasis via Flickr

While it’s storming outside in my city (New York) I am working under the hood of my blog.  Hurricane Irene is causing chaos in the streets, and blowing things down and making our sunday a crazy sport of how much people it kept inside in the city that never sleeps.  If everyone is mostly safe, under the wrong circumstances of fearing for there lives and property via the hurricane, at least on the 7th day of week, we can rest and be together with out families (that’s if being with all your family under one roof is actually safe).

Either ways this stuck inside feeling and notion shall allow me to tear apart some things on my blog and build a better experience for my viewers and for me to navigate my blog even better.  There are couple things I had planned to add and take away from my blog.  So I figure why not list them and blog under my lights cut off if the flooding or chaos comes to that.

1. Respond to comments on my blog.

2. Add a list of blogs that I follow on my side bar as well as entertaining YouTubers I watch that I feel people who pass by my blog will enjoy.

3. Add a New Banner and Avatar for my blog.

4. Edit my video page for the update of new videos I have produced.

5. Add 4 of my personal friends blogs links on my sidebar who are big supporters ofmy blog.  I enjoy their blogs so I should linking to them and hopefully they shall link back to me will be a cool added feature.

Well this is just part one of my inter working on my blog.  I hope it makes a good addition to my blog.

What are things you need to do to your blog?  When last have you worked on changing up some things on your blog?

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Look At Me: I Am On Camera Watching Soccer on a Baseball Field [#Photo]

My very good friend Raymond and I went out to Citi Field, Queens New York on July 26, 2011 to see a soccer game Juventes vs Club Amercia.  We had such a great time and it was very cool to bond with one of my friends from back in the days of middle school.  I am happy we stayed in touch and are still cool friends.

Anyways he has a super dope camera and loves photography just as myself.  While at the game he caught a picture of me vlogging on camera in the stadium in which I think is quite awesome and reflects the things I do each day.

Check it Out.

richardo being awesome citi field 2011

richardo being awesome citi field 2011

What do you think of the photo?  What do you think of my face?

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My 2011 Birthday Wish List – Part 2 – Be Awesome and Get Me These!!!

Every year is another birthday.  Each year I claim I don’t want anything major, but c’mon who am I really kidding?  I got tons of stuff I want.  Some people might not know the exact reasons for it, but shoot, I do.  Here is my 2011 Wish List.

If you missed Part 1, here it is….
My 2011 Birthday Wish List – What Are You Going To Get Me?

Ok, we are back at it on great birthday gifts for me.  Let’s see what 5 others we can come up with hmmm.

Boxing Glove Wraps

Boxing Glove Wraps

6. Boxing Gloves Warps ($20-$30)
I need these so badly.  I can’t believe I went 4 years wanting them and not buy them…they are only $20.  Damn I am cheap.  I can buy a $1,000 camera in a flash but not a $20 glove, smh.  I like boxing at the gym.  It’s fun, and lots of stress I release there.



7. Amazon Kindle ($114-$169)
I been really getting into the mood of reading more, seeing that I watched a million tv shows and movies via Netflix.  So it’s time to get back to the books.  My friends were all telling me no don’t get the Kindle, get a tablet, but I felt especially knowing me, if I had a tablet I will not be reading books on it, I would be doing a million and one things as if it was my computer.  I simply just want a book, and a kindle is that (e-book reader either way).



8. Ciroc (Red Berry) ($24.99) | Long Island Ice Tea ($9.99) | Barefoot Reisling ($9.99)
I am not a big drinker, then again a lot of people would say against that, but I do like certain drink bases on the taste and ease of flow with certain foods I eat.  Buy my a drink today, so I can be smooth and relaxed on the weekend.  I love wine as my number one choice but if vodka (ciroc red berry), cognac (conjure), wine (reisling), everything (long island ice tea)

Snapback Fitted Cap

Snapback Fitted Cap

9. Snap back Fitted Cap ($30+) Green or Red
I want one of these.  I mean I usually don’t follow the fad going around, and I am not much of a hat wearer seeing I mostly always have low-cut hair cuts or bald, I still loves hats. especially ones that are cool.  I don’t one that’s really a basketball or baseball team hat, but a hat with one of my favorite colors (green, red or so) pretty much standing out would be so awesome to have as a snap back.  I want to get like a DC or Etnies hat.  I would settle for anything creative and awesome.

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

10. Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed – PS3 ($40-$65)
Boy oh boy how I missed out on this game.  Probably the first Need For Speed game that came out that I didn’t buy on the spot.  I mean it was too close to the last need for speed release which was Hot Pursuit in November 2010, but I love to drive out of anything else in this game, it’s sad to see it not yet in my collection, since I collect ALL NEED FOR SPEED games.

hello kitty ninja tattoo

hello kitty ninja tattoo

Bonus 1. NEW TATTOO ($50-$80)
I been meaning on getting another tattoo, but kept saying no no no.  But I feel the one I wanted next would be really worth it…Donate to the cause to make me happy with another tat. :)

justin timberlake cologne Givenchy

justin timberlake cologne Givenchy

Bonus 2. Diddy’s I Am King cologne or Justin Timberlake‘s Givenchy colonge ($53-$83)
If any two colons I love the smell for it’s Diddy’s “I Am King” cologne and the just recently discovered Justin Timberlake cologne “Givenchy”…in which I got schooled on how its pronounced by (@BelleMarie86 over at My Boring Quarter-Life Crisis) after a stroll in Sephora.  But I really like these and will be inching to get me a bottle soon, if not both, I will get one or maybe you should get me one. lol.

Ok that’s all I got to list…there could be more, but that would means I am greedy (in which ain’t bad, shoot it only my BIRTHDAY right?).

As before, I have a particular taste, and I like things that are personal not flashy or too expensive.  I am a simple guy.

What are you planning on getting me birthday this year?  Do you already have anything I listed?  Do you want some of the same things I want?

Let me know…let’s talk about it.

Thanks for reading

Buju Banton wins Best Reggae Album for Before The Dawn at 53th Grammy Awards 2011

The Best of Buju Banton

Image via Wikipedia

Congratulations to Buju Banton for taken home the Grammy for Best Reggae Album at the 53th Grammy Awards.  Even with all the controversy, trials and jail time for Buju Banton, his music still stand on top as the top reggae album.  I am proud of Buju Banton and all my Jamaican people that we have such a achievement from one of our greatest artist.

Best Reggae Album


Before The Dawn

Buju Banton
[Gargamel Music, Inc.]

Its Black History Month 2011 [Raw Multimedia]

Prominent figures of the African-American Civi...

Image via Wikipedia

I am going to start out and say to be honest I don’t know my black history as well as I am suppose to or believe I should. Being a black in america or african american is a very important and powerful thing as a race should be proud of seeing where we came from and the struggles we endured even from all corners of the world. Each year’s Black History Month, I try to actually learn something new and retain that information as something I should always remember and can pull up at any time. So I ask you today, how well do you know your black history? There is a month dedicated to it, so I guessing you should at least know something or do you know a bit more than just some basic knowledge as, you know that february each year is black history month.

Either way I want to share with the world a little about black history this year on my blog throughout the entire month of february, you know the type of stuff when you were younger your school makes you do, but this is all by choice and I also intend to be a bit more creative with it as well as informative. If I can really deliver on it as I expect I can I want to actually produce four articles and four innovative videos, one for each week of the four weeks, 28 days of february and I guess continue to add to it each year.

So, someone had asked me, “Are you proud being a Black or African American man?” And my answer is easily noted, Yes I am and I very proud of my race”

Thanks for reading,

PS: If you are reading this, please stop by again to check for my articles and videos, and you can definitely be awesome and check out other posts on my blog also. Thanks again.

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Its Martin Luther King Jr. Day – I Have A Dream

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Rev. Dr. Marti...

Image via Wikipedia

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and he is known for the famous speech of “I Have A Dream“.  He is also known for so much more in this world and help changing the politics of black men and women in America and is greatly noted for it.  I just want to thank him for it and wish everyone a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

PS: Oh yea I have a dream too, I actually wrote a song/poem from like 3 years ago in dedication to his most famous speech, but unfortunately it’s not finished or ready for the world, but when I its I will gladly update this post and also share it with the world.

Money Monday #3 – Simple Money Mistakes

Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of ...

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Welcome to another edition of Money Monday. Money Monday is brought to you by Blackberry Mobile Media.

Money Monday #3 – Simple Money Mistakes

The Money Tweet: “#mm #MoneyMonday “Watch out for Simple Money Mistakes” like dropping your money or leaving your money lying around. That shows neglect.”

A lot of people are not great handling their money, literally. How can you account for your money when you can find it or you left it on the bus in your seat or have it lying around the house on the floor or where ever. Don’t lose your money to these simple mistakes.

People be responsible and claim your money. Don’t lose your money before you even get a chance to touch it, spend it or save it.

3 Quick Techniques to Avoid Money Mistakes.
1. Get Paid, then BANK it. Direct Deposit is awesome for this method.
2. Have loose change, drop it a change box or pan, or convert to cash at your local bank or supermarket.
3. Invest in a good wallet or purse and create a method carrying money. Rules such as not carrying more than xyz amount at a single time, or minimum cash and your debit card, or not holding too much money in one single pocket.

Well following those simple rules or techniques shall help you handle your money so much better and help putting your money to good use.

Thanks for tuning in to another Money Monday.
Remember to always get your money right.

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