Rating: 8/10 Awesome Ass Movie, Dudes Flying, Crushing Cars, Blowing Sh*t. ||

The Raw Verdict…
I give this movie a 8/10 rating. It’s an awesome movie of the found footage genre of movies with epic cool powers and comedic riffs. The beginning was a bit long, but as you get into the core of the movie and see all the cool stuff they do like: Flying, Moving Cars, Fighting, Drinking, Exploding Bombs, Getting Hit by Airplane, you will leave the theater saying this movie is COOL.



I got my money on the GIANTS…Go New York, I guess since I am from New York…:)

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Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over.

Chronicle Movie Review
SuperBowl XLVI (46) New England Patriots vs New York Giants

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Look At Me: I Am On Camera Watching Soccer on a Baseball Field [#Photo]

My very good friend Raymond and I went out to Citi Field, Queens New York on July 26, 2011 to see a soccer game Juventes vs Club Amercia.  We had such a great time and it was very cool to bond with one of my friends from back in the days of middle school.  I am happy we stayed in touch and are still cool friends.

Anyways he has a super dope camera and loves photography just as myself.  While at the game he caught a picture of me vlogging on camera in the stadium in which I think is quite awesome and reflects the things I do each day.

Check it Out.

richardo being awesome citi field 2011

richardo being awesome citi field 2011

What do you think of the photo?  What do you think of my face?

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It’s Literally A Day Away, Are You Ready? – [Countdown To My Birthday 2011: 1 day to go]

John Terry

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C’mon, what’s my name?  It’s Richardo if you didn’t know, and I ain’t never scared.  I am ready for this year’s birthday.  Well let me stop lying.  I may have a layout of how it might go, as a wrote in my post: “—-”, but I usually wing it and go with the flow, in which people tend to find weird.  Shoot it’s my day to do what I feel like.  I will take control and grab it by the balls and just do what I do.  So clear the way, Richardo is moving on up the ladder to 26…I actually like the number 26 for the reason that one of my favorite soccer player jersey number is 26.  Shout out to John Terry of Chelsea FC.

Being 26 years old and John Terry has some relations in a way.  I have linked them to what I am aspiring to be this up coming year.  A little back story, John Terry is the captain of the football club Chelsea FC in europe, in which is my favorite club soccer team of all time, and also he is the captain of the England national soccer team.  He is known for his discipline, leadership, and always giving a hundred percent, while taking calculated risks in keeping his team alive in each and every game.

Starting this July I have decided to stop playing the amateur role with my career and my goals in life, and aiming to creating a legacy and showcase my leadership for my team I am working with as of late.  I have taken on being a manager for couple up and coming individuals and also bringing my “Raw Multimedia” brand into the limelight to show the world, who we are and what we represent.  So it’s totally awesome to salute the number 26 as it’s arrives.

What age are you becoming this year?  Do you feel you have a young soul but just an old age?  Are you always prepared for your birthday?

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NBA Finals: Dallas Mavericks beats Miami Heat [105-95] – [#NBA Results]

Dallas Mavericks logo

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Today “June 11, 2011” The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat [105-95] in Miami to become the 2011 NBA Champions for the first time.  Thanks to dedication and a great amount of 3 pointers from Jason Terry, and great plays from Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki.  Coming back from a 2-1 series to win 4-2, Dallas really put in the work today.

Oh yea Dirk Nowitzki is the MVP

Maybe next year: Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

Did you watch the game?  Are you a basketball fan?  Who were you going for to win the championship.

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See you next season…

Ice Skating at Bryant Park, New York City [Laughs, Fails, Falls, Fun] with Commentary – Minisode #4

I was in Manhattan Saturday February 26, 2011 and went Ice Skating with a friend, and decided to capture people ice skating in attempts to find a gallery of EPIC FAILS and FALLS, (sorry to say) but I was bored and it was a great day in New York City.

For More Exciting Footage of New York:

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New York Knicks Defeats Miami Heat 91-86 [NBA Results]

"New Look Revised" (1995–present)

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The New York Knicks defeated the Miami Heat [91-86] on February 27, 2011.  The game was played at the American Airlines Arena Miami, Florida.

My Commentary: New York Knicks, is just a BAWSE….SPLASH!!!


*Oh yea, if you like to know what is going on in US sports because you are crazy busy such as myself, you can be informed and up to date with the scores and results by doing the following:

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    Its Super Bowl Day…Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) vs Green Bay Packers (NFC)

    Image:Wilsonnflfootball.jpg, modified to have ...

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    Today is the Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLV actually February 6, 2011.  It is the Steelers vs the Packers.  I not actually too much a football fan, but I actually love a good football game.  I watch it every year ever since about 8 years ago.  It’s a good time to just kick back watch some funny commercials and watch a team go hard or go home.  Who are you guys hoping to win?  The underdog Steelers, or the fan favorites the Packers?

    I will be watching, with a pack of beer and chips hopefully…

    Facts on the Super Bowl:

    Super Bowl XLV will be the 45th annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football, and the 41st annual championship game of the modern-era National Football League (NFL). The game, to be played on February 6, 2011, will pit the AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers against the NFC champion Green Bay Packers to decide the NFL champion for the 2010 season.

    The game will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the first time that the Super Bowl will be held in the Dallas–Fort Worth area; and the third time it will be held in Texas (Houston was the host city to VIII and XXXVIII). Kickoff time is approximately 5:25pm CST (UTC-06). This will be the eighth appearance in the Super Bowl for the Steelers (who hold the record with six Super Bowl wins) and the fifth for the Packers (who hold the record with 12 overall NFL titles, including three Super Bowl wins and nine league titles prior to the Super Bowl-era). This will be the fourth time that two pre-expansion era (pre 1960) teams meet in the Super Bowl (XIV, XLI, and XLIII).

    As of February 2, the Packers are two to three point favorites,[3] making this the first Super Bowl in which the Steelers were underdogs since Super Bowl XXX. In all four previous Super Bowls that Green Bay played in, they were favored to win.

    The 2011 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view Results – 40 Superstars Rumble

    Randy Orton in his first reign as WWE Champion...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Here are the results of “The 2011 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view – 40 Superstars Rumble”

    World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Edge
    Winner: Edge

    WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. The Miz
    Winner: The Miz

    Handicap Match for the WWE Divas Title Match: LayCool vs. Natalya
    Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Eve Torres

    40-Man Royal Rumble Match
    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    Hope you liked the results