The Life of A Business Man From Youth [Business, Love and Life]

Love Life (Hitomi album)

Love Life (Hitomi album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my earlier years of life, I would have never looked at myself as a business man.  It was only when I got to 8th grade I saw my true talents come to life.  When I decided to live life differently such as me speaking a different language, responding to things in a different way, disguising my true intentions, holding my tongue, you can truly say I have learned a lot by age 13.

Business was in session for me once I arrived in high school.  I was more edgy, I was confident, I was in control.  I loved my passion of life as of age 14, and then to be in love for the first time, truly in love, changed my life and my decisions forever.

I shall be writing more stories from my life, as I am working on my autobiography.  It’s an exciting time for me, not the best I could say, but have more to give to the world as a person.  In order to understand where I want to go, I have to trace back to where I have been.

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Richardo Wilson

Almost Bought Her A Ring, My First and Last Love

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Love is such a tricky thing and I have learned my share of lessons.  When I first fell in love I was so excited, I loved the feeling and it made me go crazy inside that I wanted to jump around, and I am a very energetic person, so that is way too much.  Way before Beyoncé came out with “Single Ladies” “Put A Ring On It” , I wanted to lock down the person I fell in love with.  I believe in marriage and creating a happy loving family.

My first and last love left me so vulnerable that at a point I was keeping my eyes on the ring I would give to them.  Let me just say before you get confused, my first love is a separate girl from my last love.  Actually they are years apart from each other in my life.  My first love was from my first year in high school and further and my last love was last my relationship of an allotted amount of time after my college years.

My First Love
My first love is very special to me.  As they say you never forget your first.  We had a unique bond and a certain way we built with things.  Just talking with her and how we reacted to each other was unlike most of what I seeing from others.  I thought it could have went the distance.  So in my mind I was thinking some crazy things like getting married after high school based on how long we would last.  But over time things happen and the happy times become bumpy and we have to make certain decisions.  Though we split, even we made it a bit longer, I already had, ring, marriage and family in mind.  I know I was pretty young, but I am pretty precise in my wants and needs in life.

My Last Love
I would have to say my last love was my most intimate of all.  I learned quite a great deal and how my actions are viewed.  Being a guy who never had nothing, no one to help me progress as a person, I had to suck up all that sadness and struggle to make my way into this world, in which I can’t reject via it made me, me.  I think those mostly was my deal breaker among other things that broke down my last love.  When in a relationship with her, it was like so cosmic in how we complimented each other talents.  it was so much love, and potential to greatness in there.  But time changes things, and time was not there, lack of timing to make it to that spot.  I had the ring picked out and ready to make a grand gesture.  It was right there, but responsibilities and priorities to one’s goals came in the way.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I look at it, I could have been a married man.  I could be making happy memories.  I could have been that guy on one knee.  I think that is so freaking awesome.  So when I see others in great relationships, I just hope for the day I see them make that leap.  When I see people in marriages that was built upon a rock, it makes me feel so proud to be aiming towards that and that couple is making it work.  For all the failure marriages, I don’t even look at those to curb my thoughts on a happy marriage, I feel they just didn’t have it or even took the time to claim the legacy and to death to us part factor of love and a great bond.

So in conclusion, time beats all, and over time you learn, experience and create a special bond that won’t be broken.  It could happen before there is a relationship, before marriage, that have that blessing of success.  Time is love, and love is time.  Over time we can love and know how to love pass anything that tries to interfere.  I want that love.  So until then, there is only the times I almost bought a ring to put on her finger.

What do you think on my post?  Have you ever wanted someone to buy you that ring or buy someone a ring?  Do you believe in marriage?

I know I went a little personal in this post, but honest feelings create real emotion and a great post.

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Richardo Wilson

3 Easy Ways To Be Happy – [How To Love]

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Let’s admit it, it’s not easy to be happy and not everyone around us is happy or in good situations, but you must remember your surroundings don’t control you.  You are in control and the boss of your life.  So if you are in an unhappy place, here are a few easy steps/ways to live a happier life.

Love is a very powerful tool in life and can be the driving force to your happiness.  Most people try to seek love from others first instead of loving themselves first.  In most cases if they are not loved by the person they become bitter or depressed.  But when you love yourself first and happy about life, even for the simplest of reasons you will draw in more love from others and will be shining on the outside and in.  Put on a smile everyday, and think positive thoughts, and never put yourself down.  Always try to be a better you.

Happy Baby! I can't help but smile every time ...

Happy Baby!

Once you are in love, or well loving who you are, never comprise that by trying to be someone else and trying to fit in.  The best you is the natural you.  If someone don’t like who you are, then you should not be around those persons.  I don’t mean you should be going around causing trouble and if people don’t like that then they are not cool.  I mean you should generally try to be a good person, though we all have flaws, people usually try to find something they like about a person and make it stick.  So what you do, it what you will be remembered by and associated with, so the more you are yourself and doing your thing the better off to draw in real people who loves you for who you are.  In return, you loving you, and being you, will cause others to love you and you to be happy you are being loved.  Be yourself, trying new things, learn and read more and experience and live life.


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last but not forgotten, treat yourself.  Everyone has things they like, so treat yourself once in a while on a regular basis with such things.  It’s will be more joy to your life to enjoy the things you like.  Though most things cost money and we all don’t have enough of that to go around, think and experience interior joys such as music, dancing, walking to the park, a slice of cheesecake, a good book or even talking with a good friend and striking up a good conversation.  You will be able to laugh more, and be a much happier person knowing where you can extract your joy whenever you are down, instead on staying in a slump.  Brighten your life, meditate, pray, do yoga, or even ask for a nice massage and soothing music to bring comfort.  If it’s hard to remember your joys in life, go now and find a pen and paper, and focus and write down 10 things you like, make couple duplicates of the list and tape it around the house or so to remind you that there is always an escape.

Emily Maltese

Emily Maltese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope my steps help you, and do hope you consider trying them out.  Let me know what you think and any ideas you may have that keep you happy.

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Richardo Wilson

Cool Runnings


Stay Up Forever

My fan is on blast,
I need it to blow cool breeze,
Leaving me on a cool ride,
All night as I watch movies,
As I enjoy the laughter I give off,
I am wrapped in the sheets clothes off,
I am in my private zone,
No one home, let’s get it on,
The pillow so soft touches my head,
Tries to lure me to sleep,
I try my hardest, don’t mind being defeated,
For into a lovely dream it wants to lead me,
Cool runnings of memories and fantasies mixed in one,
As long as my fan stay spinning,
And my alarm doesn’t wake me,
In a dream state I will stay in love.

– Richardo

What did you think of the poem?  I like it, I hope it took you on a ride.

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Richardo Wilson



Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

Can she see me?
I think I am exposed,
I surprised her with a bouquet of roses?
As I hide in the shadows,
I am kind of shy,
I can see her in delight as she smiles,
Disguised I thought I was in distance,
She undressed herself,
My eyes open wide at the sight of her existence,
Should I say Hi and stay in hiding,
She walks away slowly,
What a timing,
My heart beats faster,
My mind starts to wonder,
She looks behind,
As if she is taunting me,
I wonder,
Should I step into the light,
And make myself exposed,
I was anticipating her every move,
My wife,
I bravely stepped into the light,
I also unclothed,
Our Love Both Exposed.

– Richardo

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Richardo Wilson

What did you think of the poem?

Taste the Rainbow


everybody loves to taste the rainbow

everybody loves to taste the rainbow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tasty treats, soft on the lips,
Sexy things, thoughts and gifts,
She like the wave crashing,
His thoughts you couldn’t imagine,
They are sweet together, lost in the colors,
Blooming moments of times to treasure.

– Richardo

Acceptance, Don’t Lie To Me



When someone usually says something to me in any sense of a compliment, I usually believe it is BS.  Maybe I secretly have trust issues, or I haven’t gotten over my past, or just maybe I really just can’t believe anything people say to me has any value.  I am not trying to say I am mean, but I give lots of compliments to others, but I expect nothing back from them.  They usually take it to the head as they are the “ish” or something, but I usually can tell whether someone is lying or so.

This post came about due to my boss asking me to work some extra hours, and to be it’s not a big deal, as most of my bosses always wants me to work extra shifts or time frames for them (I don’t know, but I really think I do), but to me, I just like working period.  I don’t like the feeling of just sitting on my ass not doing anything.  I won’t be learning, I won’t be exercise, I pretty much won’t be living a healthy lifestyle.

Either way here are some of the things say to me that based on who they are I just don’t believe, “hey your photos are DOPE”, “You are super smart man, I wouldn’t even have thought of that”, “Oh my GOD, how did you do that?, you are so talented”.  I find those generic even if that’s the personal natural and honest reaction or compliments, I guess I want something more.  I feel the right person has not discovered who I really am and what I really have the potential to do.

Sorry for the tangent, but back to the boss.  Just recently, like really recent (*smiles), my boss approached me after I had agreed to come in to work said to me, “Richardo,w hen you are here things gets done, and mostly better than expect or could have imagine, you are efficient.” as much as I think he was just being kind and that of a boss telling an employee to boost their morale to feel good about themselves, I actually felt good about those words.  I actually really pride myself on how efficient and effective I am to certain things I do.  Forget about all the results, but the progress of getting it down it what is worth more to me than anything else.

We can all run a race or take a test, but it’s how we got to the winning result that makes us a champion, for there are so many ways to cheat.  Like I was saying before, I am very self-aware and if anything seem too generic or commonly said, I find it fake to me.  Usually people give me compliments just to ask for favors or for free labor in return.  I so hate that.  I like to help others, but how about just being honest about your intentions first.

Either way, sorry for another ramble if so.  I planned this post to be short, but then my fingers continued to beat the keyboard to death, then this extended post with born. :)

I wish everyone well, and hope you find acceptance and self-worth or people find the true you.

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Richardo Wilson

Her Seductive Ways (Feeling of Ecstasy)

Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush Lesbian Kiss

Her seductive ways has got me in a daze, having me want her body I am so in a craze, for the delight that excites and stimulates me into a flight, I fight with my greed wanting her close to me because it feels just right.

I pace myself, I gaze into her eyes, seeking the truth to the directions her touches are drawing my body to, I try to fall back, yet I fall on my back in the bed, she in now on top, I am now addicted to her ways, she has now have me pinned and stunned, Awaiting a wild ride, or just sweet thrills of fun, I should refuse to resist, and let this time exist, her seductive ways is all mines, feeling of ecstasy started and sealed with a kiss.

Have you ever had such a touch or feeling that have you craving for more?

– Richardo Wilson