My New York City Lifestyle: Quick Fast Sweet – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

I try I speed by.  I live life, but I can’t cry. To be first you must work hard, but to be first will be hard.  We all try to win but can’t all at the same time, if only it was quick fast and sweet and took least time.

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no photography for this episode, but always here…-> This Is My New York City

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“The first one is the hardest, then repeat”

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My New York City Lifestyle: Work Play Work Again – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

I work hard and I play even harder.  The life in New York City as many thinks is exciting all the times coming from I guess a non fun town or a smaller location, but it can get a bit boring.  I guess that’s why we still have to fly out to LA, Miami or Europe to continue our fun or just to be refreshed.  But regardless, whether sun or rain, we all got to work here.  You can living the high life one day, then the next, you get hit with some unexpected, then again that’s life.  More so, it’s the New York City life.

I have been really getting my photography juices flowing.  I haven’t really gotten to put my creativity and my new camera lens to the test as yet, and in dire need to do so.  I will be posting and showcasing my past best works as I fine tune and create the images of greatness that haunt me everywhere I go, in which I have captured but wait patiently to share with others.

I have been offered a few gigs lately to do odd jobs with my company, and it really has taken me from my projects a bit, but with the money I make from the odd jobs shall fund my independent projects in which needs much funding and also for me to possibly pay others to help me execute my vision with my wanted production value.  So I work hard to work harder once the money comes around.

I must admit, when the opportunities come, they come in bulk and it’s very important to choose your projects wisely, for it’s not all about quantity but the quality of who you work with.  As I said before, New York City is a very competitive  atmosphere, and even the people you work with could plot against you by you increasing their value and you value is at a standstill or goes down.  So I think and act very carefully.  But you won’t ever win without taking risks,

I have been back to playing video games lately.  I have found a new time slot to get it in and some Netflix and HBOGO.  I am so excited about that.  As my stress level increases I need something to bring it back down.  I also have a two small micro vacation in the works in the coming weeks in June.  I might take a little trip or a long ride somewhere.  Mostly all I think I need is some good, WiFi, Netflix, yummy food, and a BIG BED.

How are you doing these days?  What is your city life-like?

my new photography works

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[My New York City Lifestyle] + [This is My New York City]
photography for this episode, here…-> This Is My New York City

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“More Fun & Hard Efficient and Smart”

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Under The Sheets

Touch My body

Touch My body (Photo credit: Nazli.G)

As I sleep, I twist I turn,
I try the position of ease,
I open my eyes, dark shadows,
No light to see, so I close my eyes,
I just wanted peace,
I crave rest, I desire warmth,
The soft tranquil feel of these sheets,
Touch my body in ways I no longer feel,
The touch of a body, or just mere or lips,
From someone out of the ordinary,
I can’t sleep, more twisting and turning,
I can only feel me,
Something is missing,
A lone night of misery I can’t ease away,
Under the sheets my feelings,
My love, my peace,
Stirs me away from the pain,
But I just can’t sleep.

– Richardo

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Daily Motions, My Logic



Forget-me-not (Photo credit: Sir_Iwan)

Don’t wanna get up,
Forgot life, forget the world,
Purely a society of nothing,
We create the faces of hope,
But who’s hope resides in us?
Do you create it for self?
Or is something we inherit?
My daily motions vary from day-to-day,
I need this by tomorrow,
But I want this for today,
Searching for logic, a quenched mind,
I can’t, don’t want to conform, but yet I do,
To see where this world take me,
I ride on through the dust, beating down alleyways,
Still trying to find meaning on each happenings,
My daily bread, I am trapped with thoughts,
Confusion are plentiful, solutions petty,
Where is the light seeping the crack wall?
I forget my wants, I only need tomorrow to come on by. (another day)

– Richardo

Why do we get up each day?  The questions we ask do they get answered or we just pass them by day by day?  Where is the meaning?

Free Speech:

The Sound of the Ocean

Andros Sunset from Blanket Sound

Andros Sunset from Blanket Sound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crashing waves, soft cool breeze,
The wild sands of the beautiful beach,
Looking out at the ocean, far away it sits,
The echoes of the birds, their chirps are a bliss,
I think of moments in life, memories I designed,
The way the make me feel are sometimes hard to define,
I just think of them sounds of the ocean, I blindly listen to.

– Richardo

Subscriber Interview with “Belle Marie” at BelleMarie86 by RawMultimedia

subscriber interview

Hello Friends and Fellow Creative Blog Community…welcome to a new series titled “Subscriber Interview“.

last week’s interviewee: The Wandering Mind 

Subscriber Interview is a series on my blog where I, Richardo the writer/host of the blog talks and interviews his subscribers each week and find out a little more about them and what they do. It’s designed to keep the blogging community alive and also show others who is out there in the blog universe.

Without no further ado, here we go.

Today I have the pleasure to interview Kristina in one of my fun subscriber and also a blogger who blogs about beauty, fashion, celebrities and more and has a blog at aka “It’s One Belle of a Blog“.  Go and check her out.  Enjoy!

What is your name and what do you enjoy doing for fun?

My name is Kristina, but most people call me Kris or Krissy. Kristina is so formal! For fun, I love to write, listen to music, hang out with my friends and family, watch movies, go shopping…yea, definitely go shopping!

Where are you from (city, state, country) and Nationality?

I’m a New Yorker, through and through! Born and raised and I’ll probably live here all my life! I’m African-American and half of my family on my Dad’s side is from Jamaica.

If a blogger and own a blog what is your blog about and what do you enjoy about blogging?

My blog is all about the things that I love which are fashion, movies, music, television, beauty and then it’s also just my random thoughts and what goes on in my life. The best part for me about blogging is just getting my opinions and my thoughts out there and working on my writing skills. Like I said, I absolutely love to write and hope to make it a career someday so blogging is a great way to get myself started.

What would someone enjoy about your blog or about you?

I think what people will enjoy most about my blog is my thoroughness. I don’t feel I’ve done a good enough job unless I pay attention to every detail down to grammar, pictures, links and anything else I feel is important to include. I think people will also enjoy my random bits of humor and sarcasm. Everybody loves that right?

What do you do mostly on the internet?

I usually get on the internet and do girly things like read gossip news, look at new clothes and accessories I might want and watch beauty tutorials on YouTube. But overall, I absorb a lot of information. I think people give the internet a hard time because it’s so informal but you can actually learn a lot from the web if you give it a chance.

Why did you become a subscriber to Richardo’s blog?

I became a subscriber of Richardo’s blog because I enjoy his sense of humor and honesty about his beliefs and attitudes.

Is there a favorite post or something you enjoy the most about Richardo’s blog?

I have a lot of favorites but the posts I like the most are his creative ones where he makes up a scenario or poem about something funny. Basically, I enjoy anything he does that makes me laugh!

Name one or a few of your Guilty Pleasures?

Probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures is Reality Television! The more drama, the more I LOVE IT!

What were some of your favorite childhood activities?

When I was a child, I loved to draw. I would make up characters and scenes; I had a character I drew a lot called “Tiger Woman” who was a super hero that was half tiger and half human!

If you had $10 in your pocket, what would you spend it on?

If I had $10 in my pocket I would probably spend it on notebooks, pens and pencils which I definitely don’t need anymore of but I love to buy them anyway!

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

I would love to meet Brandy. I’ve loved her and her music since I was 8 years old. She’s such a beautiful person, an awesome singer, actress and performer and she inspires me! I would love to meet her though I’d probably faint and cry if I do…maybe not in that order!

What inspires you to write or read blogs?

I think what draws people to read or write blogs is just the natural urge we have to get inside people’s heads or have others get inside ours. Every blogger, I think has this tiny little narcissistic thing in them that makes them want everyone to listen to their ideas and opinions.

What’s your favorite type of music or you listen to frequently?

I can’t say I have a favorite type of music because I love all kinds, genres and types! If I hear something and it sounds good, no matter where it comes from or who sings it, it’s going on my iPod! My tastes range from something soulful like Anita Baker or Robin Thicke, to something a little edgier like My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy and everything in between!

What’s one or a few of your favorite movies and why?

Oh, the dreaded favorite movies question! I can never pick just one but I will say that I love romantic comedies and good horror movies which are hard to come by now-a-days. I’m not a big action fan but there are a few exceptions. And a good thriller is good too!

I want to thank Kristina for taking part in this week’s interview, and if you enjoy her responses and getting to know Kristina, please take some time out and check out her blog and content. Be sure to stay tuned to next time to Subscriber Interview with Rawmultimedia, you could be next. If you haven’t and just tuning into this blog, please consider Subscribing & Following, and enjoy creative content and series from the eyes and mind of Richardo.

Name: Kristina
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Twitter Link: @Bellemarie86
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My New York City Lifestyle – When Nature Calls, In My Pink Bejeweled Headphones – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

Another day in the city of mines, I have been busy.  I been moving and grooving with tunes beating in my eyes.  Mostly the tunes of old school R&B songs and lots of 1990‘s songs and early 2000‘s, beating loudly through my pink bejeweled headphones.  Yup, there was no error there, I said it, pink bejeweled headphones.  I get a lot of eyes from the guys and girls, on the train, on the bus, out in public, at the gym and at path-mark when I stroll through loving my music and singing along.  I love spring time.  More people, more eyes to see me do the things I like.

I been out a lot lately via its nice out in New York City, where the women are dressing more sexier and a bit too revealing also.  Since it’s spring I am more active and more much busy.  But when nature calls, I must answer.  I have big dreams, and I want to meet so many new people.  Do you want to meet me?  I actually want to meet you.  Maybe we can go grab a cup of coffee, go see an art gallery, or just go sight-seeing in New York City.  If you are ever around, hit me up (

My words to you.  Go out and enjoy the weather.  Read a book.  Learn something new.  Nature is calling you.  Do you hear it?

[My New York City Lifestyle] + [This is My New York City]
no photography this episode, but do check out my first [MNYCL] post to follow the series…-> The City That Don’t Sleep

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“When nature calls, you should listen up”

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totally cool crazy epic

I want to be me, so I can’t be you,
I don’t want to walk in your shadow,
I just want to be me, but be cool,
Though it’s nice to be in the shade,
I want to see the sun,
Bright light in my eyes, time to have some fun,
I can be dramatic at times, a little loose with my words,
I like to call out nouns, of course I like doing the verbs,
Actions make motions, and being still is being ill,
So I power up my thrusters because I am going on in,
No one is in my path but crazy looneys that don’t want to believe,
I cry along my path, and if I get cut I will bleed,
But I shall patch up all my wounds and continue my mission,
I might not have a lot, but at least I have my ambition.

– Richardo

totally cool crazy epic

Did you like my poem?  Are you going for a higher goal in life?  Is someone trying to stop you from your dreams?

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Richardo Wilson

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