Poetry Soothes The Mind


Some days I just want to give up,
But I don’t,
I try to find something to make me whole,
Words written,
I follow with my eyes,
And then my ears,
Until I have continued with my heart,
Now I can forget my problems,
And live.

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Her Seductive Ways (Feeling of Ecstasy)

Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush Lesbian Kiss

Her seductive ways has got me in a daze, having me want her body I am so in a craze, for the delight that excites and stimulates me into a flight, I fight with my greed wanting her close to me because it feels just right.

I pace myself, I gaze into her eyes, seeking the truth to the directions her touches are drawing my body to, I try to fall back, yet I fall on my back in the bed, she in now on top, I am now addicted to her ways, she has now have me pinned and stunned, Awaiting a wild ride, or just sweet thrills of fun, I should refuse to resist, and let this time exist, her seductive ways is all mines, feeling of ecstasy started and sealed with a kiss.

Have you ever had such a touch or feeling that have you craving for more?

- Richardo Wilson

Should I Die

should i die, who would remember me, a choice few who don’t even say hi me, no more, so to myself I stay waiting on my time, I work hard everyday not wasting my time, i climb to excel and leave all the bad thoughts behind, I create new experiences in due time they will be why I am, who I wanted to be on the earth, self motivated I been since my birth.

- Richardo

Sick of Wasting

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Wishful Wednesday: It’s Back, and It’s Black

Welcome to Wishful Wednesday (#ww #Wishful Wednesday) where you can wishfor anything in the world, and maybe it will come through one day.

Own work, Woman wearing sheer pantyhose

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I am adopting a new format, similar to a friend of mine Slim Jackson for his EFF EM FRIDAY series on his personal blog.  It’s not like I am biting but I am been want to change it up in a new direction for this series for a while, so here it goes.

I wish for my series to stay fresh and cool at all times.  I want to stay relevant, by aggressive with my words and post to be somewhere other from in my head.  I must let most of my post loose in the world, to inspire and entertain.  Create something for someone who wants to read that causes more happiness and pleasure than pain.  We all have wishes, so let them fly, share with the world and let them talked about with others with the same likes.

I wish for sunny days and cool nights,

I wish I can be seen for being me and not my skin color,

I wish for dreams to be possible, and more probable,

I wish for late night loving and sweet romance,

I wish I could tell my boss what I really think without them getting mad, ego tripping.


What is your wish for today? Do you like or have same the same wishes as me?

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I Crave Her (Night and Day) [#Poetry]

Striptease dancer.

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I crave her day and night,
I crave her every night,
I crave her when I am lonely,
I crave her every morning,
I crave her in my sleep,
I crave her when I eat,
I crave her simple touch,
I crave her very much,
I crave her moans and sounds,
I crave her because she puts it down,
I crave her sexy legs,
I crave her laying in lingerie in my bed,
I crave her sexy lips,
I crave her so much I can’t resist,
I crave her every curves and twists,
I crave her because she is who I truly miss.

I Crave Her (She is so sexy)
by: Richardo Wilson

Do you have someone you crave a lot?  Are you lonely at times?  What do you crave for the most right now?

Thanks for reading

Thinking of You

think of you

think of you

I sit here and I think of you, the cute things that you do, the way your voice hums in my head for the entire day. I think of the you smiling, and wonder are you smiling as I am thinking of you, it would be a wonderful thing to see you smile, while I sit here thinking of you…I can just see it now.

Are you thinking of someone today? right now? who are you thinking of?

leave me a comment, I would love to know.


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The Way She Touches Me [#Poetry]

Picture of Lucy Pinder, snapped leaving the FH...

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There is no better feeling than her being here with me,
Every single touch by her is like ecstasy,
I am high off life I never wanted to come down,
She intensify every smile and erases every frown,
Her fingertips on my body sometimes make me giggle,
She finds all my spots so there is no mystery no riddles,
There is a certain smile she has as she touches me from head to toe,
It takes me away, romantic feeling, gift in hand and a rose,
The Art of Seduction is definitely what she practices the most,
I will do anything for her, she got me, but she don’t brag or boast,
The best times to feel her is having her upon on me very close,
Sweet touches, long kisses, intimate aroma is what I love not only the best but the most…

The Way She Touches Me by Richardo Wilson

Have you ever had a certain guy or girl touch you in a certain way that drives you wild?  (For most it’s probably their husband or wife I guess right?) Has someone’s simply touch makes goosebumps jump all over your body?  Can someone touch simply seduce you into a particular feeling?

Let me know you opinions and comments…PLEASE…lol.  Enjoy most of all though. :)

Thanks for reading

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